Will You Support Same-Day Voter Registration In Rhode Island?

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I hope this finds you well. I recently signed a petition in support of Same-Day Voter registration in Rhode Island. Will you join me in adding your support?

You can add your name to the petition and read more about it by clicking the link below.



The ‘Let RI Vote Act’ Was Signed Into Law Today!

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It’s sure been a while, but I’m updating you with some amazing news! Today Governor McKee signed the ‘Let RI Vote Act’ into law! I have met some wonderful people along this journey in person and through Zoom meetings, and I am so proud to be a part of such history for the state. You can read about today below.


A big thank you to Governor McKee for signing the ‘Let RI Vote Act’ into law today. To have something you have advocated for over the last two years finally become law is a feeling like no other. Thank you to all the great people I have met along the way. This has been an experience like no other.

All my best to you,


Want To Make Change? Keep Reading! (Correct Link Included!)

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I hope this finds you healthy and that 2022 is treating you well so far. I am again adding my voice to improving voter decisions throughout Rhode Island and hope you’ll join me. If you aren’t local, no worries. You can still help and spread the word.

If you want to add your voice and be a part of advocating for change, click here and it will walk you through everything.



Signing This Petition Means You Support Blind and Visually Impaired Students

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Earlier this month I signed this petition that is dear to my heart because I have fought for my education in Rhode Island my entire life, even through college. Everyone should have quality education, even students who aren’t fully sighted.  My heart goes out to these students, their teachers, and their families. These things affect everyone. You can do better, Rhode Island. Please show your support for blind and visually impaired kids across Rhode Island by reading and signing this. Once you have signed this, please share.

Our local channel 12 did a story a few weeks back you can watch below.


Miranda ❤

Hope for the Broken Is a Must Read

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It’s been a while, but I hope and pray you are all healthy. Today I need to tell you about a book you absolutely need to be reading. Today my friend, Beckie, released her amazing book entitled Hope for the Broken. I was blessed to read an early preview and I haven’t been moved by a book like this in a very long time. Hope for the Broken is one of those books that stays with you no matter how long ago you read it. Rebecca takes you on her journey of struggling through school and all the people who helped her along the way. Most importantly, you see the way God helped her realize that rather than being a music teacher, she was meant to be a preacher. Rebecca provides you with scriptures, personal journal entries, and prayers you can use in your own life. She also provides you with exercises for you to do some of your own writing. The best books in my opinion are the ones that make you feel something. In this book, I cried reading about Rebecca’s music professor, but I also praised God for all his amazing work, the work only our God can do. Hope for the Broken is that book that should reach the smallest village and the biggest city. Once you read it you’ll know why. Get yourself a copy and get your friend a copy. Once you read it, let me know your thoughts by leaving me a comment or find me on social media. My Twitter is mirandaloakley. You can check out format options here.

Happy release day, Beckie. Your book is such a blessing.

Miranda ❤

Get Out and Vote Today!


Election day is finally here. If you haven’t already, make sure you get out and vote today! I have put together a couple of videos that I think are really important and worth your watch. Not because I’m pushing my blue opinion on you, but because like I said in another post, you can’t make this stuff up. Trump lies and once you know, you know. Do your own research. He also encourages his Trumper’s to be violent towards people. In typical Trump fashion, when something doesn’t go his way, he doesn’t like it. He threatened the governor of Pennsylvania and said he’ll be watching other governors too. Why did he do this? Because the governor of Pennsylvania said all ballots should be counted and Donald Trump doesn’t think so because he wants results tonight. Watch this informative piece from last night. Trump says if you’re not voting for him to stay home. As you’ll see in this video, this man has no humility. A humble person would say all votes count. A humble person would respect every voter, red or blue. Not to mention, his cheating claim is outrageous and his threatening behavior is just wrong. If you’re human, you know it is.

Watch this. Pay close attention to what Trump says. This piece makes some other great points as well if you know the truth. If you happen to dislike what’s said, I’ll say what I said before. You are welcome to your opinion, but you can’t make this up. Donald Trump wants you to believe truth equals fake news. The truth equals real news. Once you know, you know.

 Every voter, whether they are a red or blue voter, deserves to have their ballot counted. Counting ballots isn’t a mistake. It’s just that Donald Trump doesn’t like it. Also, we’re in a pandemic and you want to be proud of how big your crowds are? Trump loves the attention. The final stop on Trump’s superspreader tour includes supporters at the White House. Another video worth watching is this one.

People have to take precautions because Donald Trump has trained his supporters that violence is okay. Why do people find that okay? Not to mention what Trump says is disturbing. Every vote matters and deserves to be counted. And that includes yours.

Trump Supporters Try Running Biden Campaign Buss Off the Road


Well here we are, the night before election day. Once the election is over my political posts won’t be as frequent and I’ll go back to blogging about other topics. I thought I would mention that for those of you who don’t come here for my political posts. That said, we absolutely must talk about the danger of the way Donald Trump has trained his supporters, aka the Trump train, (colt following really). Trump supporters purposefully tried to run a Biden campaign bus off the road. I’ll show what happened from a few sources so you can see for yourself. This is not just a blue opinion here. This is facts. You can’t make this stuff up folks.

Read this.


Read also


I’m used to Donald Trump’s horrible behavior. And yet, I still find myself saying, “Did that really just happen?” He sees nothing wrong with what his supporters did and says he loves Texas? He even calls them patriots! What? It’s one thing to have a different opinion. It’s another to be terrible to people. Read this article and watch the video below. Obama has done som amazing campaigning lately. If you do your research, or have been paying attention, you will know what Obama has been saying has been true. While thisvideo is long, it’s worth taking the time to watch.


Voter intimidation is illegal. Here, don’t just take my word for it. Read about it right here.


Get out and vote tomorrow if you haven’t already voted.

CNN Reporter Receives Three Racist Attacks In One Hour


As we all know, racism is still a huge problem in 2020. I saw this story yesterday about a CNN reporter, Amara Walker, who received three racist attacks in one hour. Watch and share this video. Racism hasn’t ever been okay and it especially shouldn’t be happening in 2020. In this video, Walker talks about how a man came up to her and said a racial slur to her in Chinese, another man came up to her and asked if she spoke English, and finally, she talked about how the police officer said how asking if she spoke English wasn’t racist.

If you read yesterdays post about letting the blind person decide what’s offensive and what isn’t, the same applies here. If someone feels offended and they’re living racism every day, let them speak for themselves. If you’re human, of course you find racism offensive, but I’m saying in the situation with the officer, she lives it every day. He doesn’t, so he can’t say what’s racist and what isn’t. The writing is on the wall. Donald Trump doesn’t condemn racism and racism is never okay. Share Amara’s story. Please. Because if it happened to Amara one too many times, it’s happening to someone else.,

Did You Know October Is Meet the Blind Month?

Hey friends,

Happy Halloween! What are some of your Halloween memories? Did you trick or treat, go to parties, or dress up? A few of my past costumes have included a chicken, a scarecrow, a cat, Pocahontas and Harry Potter, just to name a few. I used to trick or treat when I was younger, and after Mom checked it, my sister and I would swap some of our candy. During one of my later years at Perkins one of the staff took a few of us trick or treating which was wicked nice of her. One of my funniest Halloween memories as a kid was the year I dressed up as Harry Potter and my best friend at the time dressed up as a Pepsi can. He said that the steps at this particular house were really big so he got candy for both of us. The guy who opened the door took a look at me and said, “It must be pretty hard to see with those shades on, huh?” Peter and I got a good laugh, told him those were Harry Potter glasses and that I actually couldn’t see. He felt so bad. We told him it was okay and that we thought it was hilarious. I’d also like to hear from my followers in other countries. Tell me about what Halloween is like in your country. One last thing about Halloween before we move on to today’s post. While 2020 happened and everything is different this year, like with anything, I believe Halloween should be accessible for everyone, so that if they participate a little bit or go all out, they can if they want to. I saw a video a while ago where Molly Burke, (look her up if you haven’t, she’s one of the bigger names as far as advocates for blindness is concerned) and she talked about how she was left out of trick or treating when she was younger so she thought about going in her twenties. Moving on… Did you know October is meet the blind month? Lots of people have posted about this, but I thought I would share my own version. Some of these things might be obvious, but not to everyone, so we need to discuss them.

  1. Everyone says this, but really it’s true. We’re just like you. It’s crazy how often blind people have to either come right out and directly or indirectly say we’re normal. I hope the next generation of blind kids can grow up, attend college or work and not constantly have to prove that, “I really am normal. See?”
  2. . Not every blind person is the same. For some reason sighted folks have a hard time with this one unless they’re really educated and after all this time, I’m still not really sure why. We have different beliefs. We all like different music. We all have different things we do as blind people that work for us.
  3. . I can’t believe I still have to say this, but I feel like as blind people we’re always going to have to say this. Despite what movies tell you, blind people don’t go around feeling people’s faces. And if they do and there’s not a wicked good reason, tell them it’s not acceptable. Even if someone has a good reason, that’s very rare.
  4. . It’s okay to use every day language. This is another of those really hard things for sighted people to wrap their head around. I get people don’t want to be offensive, but let the blind person decide what’s offensive and what isn’t. You decide what’s offensive for you and let us make that decision for ourselves, please. It’s fine to use every day words like look, see and watch. Did you see that? I’m smiling because you and I are finally on the same page about this! Look! We’re all good. ❤
  5. . This is another really big one that I feel like as blind people we’re probably going to spend our whole lives explaining to people. If you see a blind person alone at a table, we don’t bite. I promise. Come up to us, say hi, and if you’re going around mingling, bring us along. It’s hard for blind people to mingle with people without being guided and people often misunderstand that as blind people are antisocial. One of my lifelong friends put it best when she told a college class I spoke to when she said, “Get over yourself”. As awkward as you might feel, inclusion feels good for everyone, doesn’t it? I see you agreeing over there. =)
  6. . Joking about blindness is perfectly fine once you learn how open the person is about it. My friends and I joke about my blindness all the time. I know you sighted people might find this really hard to wrap your head around, but believe it or not, I joke about blindness with my blind friends, too. My sighted friends, my blind friends, it doesn’t matter. If something isn’t okay, we’ll tell you. Promise.
  7. . Blind people are more than their white cane. Some blind people use guide dogs and others use white canes. I wish more people understood this cane thing. Shout out to the few people at college who actually didn’t care about it. The people I worked best with were the ones who cared but didn’t care at the same time. I’m blind. I’m not stupid and I’m not something pretty to make you feel good when you need to feel better. This applies to any blind person you meet.
  8. . Let’s talk about over there. Is that a foreign land? To a blind person it might as well be. Blind people don’t know what over there means. Take the time to learn how to direct someone by saying things like, to your left, to your right, straight in front of you, or behind you a little to the left or to the right.
  9. . Blindness has different degrees of what that looks like for someone. Somebody might be visually impaired which means they have some sight but not all of it. Some of us have no eyesight and are totally blind. Please get comfortable with calling blindness what it is. If someone is visually impaired, fine, but if somebody is blind, they’re not visually impaired, they are blind. People need to get comfortable with saying it out loud. I’ll help, here. My friend is blind. My employee is blind. My girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband is blind. I have a blind student in my class.
  10. . Blindness doesn’t mean stupidity. Disability or not, we all need help, and that’s okay. I will never, ever understand why people think blind people aren’t smart. I’ll give the example I always give. If sighted people in college help one another on a paper, that’s okay. If someone does that very same thing for a blind person, how dare they! That’s always been so crazy to me!
  11. . Please tell a blind person when you are leaving them. Talking to yourself can be pretty funny but also pretty awkward.
  12. . I could say so much more about this, but I’ll end with this. If a blind person takes your help, they need it. I know for me, I sometimes took help when I needed it but sometimes particularly when it was a young person, (kids through college,) I let them help me. We need to teach people to think outside themselves and that disability isn’t always scary. Sometimes the other person gets something from the giving. That said, if we happen to refuse your help, please respect us. We’re not being rude. Sometimes helping a blind person can actually throw them off because they have learned certain landmarks they use to help them travel.

I hope this taught you something, and I really hope you share this. If you learned a thing or two today, tell someone about it.

Stay safe and stay healthy. Wear a mask. They save lives.

Miranda ❤

Donald Trump Says Masks Are Political. They’re not.


I hope this post finds you healthy. Can you believe it’s already the end of October? We got snow today! Tomorrow I’ll be taking a political break for a blindness related post. Tuesdays post wasn’t an opinion post,


 but now I’m using my platform to share my thoughts, much like people on the other side of the aisle have the same right to tell everyone why they’re red rather than blue. I can’t go door knocking and talk to voters, but I can blog. I went door knocking back when my friend was running for office and it was such a great experience. If you get involved with politics and get the opportunity to meet with voters face-to-face, do it. Sure, like with anything, not everyone is going to be friendly. Many people are though and there’s something about connecting with people.

 Donald Trump says masks are political. They’re not. If you talk to Trump supporters, they speak all about how Fox is the only reliable source. Trump typically likes Fox too, but it turns out, Trump also has issues with Fox. Why? Because Donald Trump doesn’t like anything unless it makes him look like he’s the greatest person walking planet earth. Read this article where Chris Wallace, a Fox reporter, calls out Trump’s family for not following the mask rule at the first debate. If you can call it that. Train wreck is more like it.


Donald Trump doesn’t want us talking about this, but we have to. Donald Trump and apparently his family don’t think following the rules applies to them.

Read this article where Donald Trump makes fun of a Fox news reporter for wearing a mask.


 Have you noticed Donald Trump makes fun of whatever doesn’t serve his personal agenda?

Donald Trump wants you to believe the lie that masks are political. The truth is they’re not. Who calls themselves a leader and says these things. Even Chris Wallace at Fox news, Trumps favorite news station, (unless they say something he doesn’t like,!) tells people to wear a mask.


This has gone on for months now. See also


However you’re doing it this year, vote, vote, vote! Despite what Donald Trump says, mail-in ballots actually do count.