My name is Miranda Oakley. I am a Christian who is totally blind. I have been without sight my entire life as a result of Retinopathy of prematurity, commonly referred to as ROP. I have used writing as an outlet my whole life. My goal for this blog is to raise awareness and educate people about blindness. There are so many amazing blind women sharing their stories, so thank you and bless you for choosing to follow
mine. A few people you should also check out are Jameyanne Fuller,

(special thanks to Jameyanne for talking writing with me!), Molly Burke, Holly’s blog

and Joy Ross,

just to name a few.

We are not amazing simply because we are blind. Would you consider yourself amazing simply because you are sighted? It is our attitudes and ability to persevere that shape us into who we are.

I want my blog to be a platform where people both blind and sighted can exchange frustration as well as great ideas. Another goal I have with this blog is to discuss topics like equality, discrimination and the importance of support. Sometimes these topics can be difficult to talk about, but if we do not bring light to issues than change cannot exist.

In my posts readers will learn about what life is like as a woman who is completely blind. I will share challenges and experiences that made me who I am today. You will learn about everything from the way I use mobility to orient myself to the reader my final semester who helped me develop clear mental vision. He taught me what equality looks like and opened the door to help me begin this much needed and often overlooked conversation. I will write frequently about what it is like having a lifelong friend
who is fully sighted. I will also share what I do in my spare time and more. Everything is a blessing if we choose to see it that way. It is all about our perspective.

Please follow along with me!
Miranda Oakley

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