End of the year note, and photos

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been working on my memoir and other writing projects. Thanks to everyone who’s stuck with me so far! Feel free to check out these photos of my summer, fall and early Christmas season!

For my blind followers these pictures include a talk I have at Providence College in October, touching a race car, spending time with friends, and a visit with Santa and Billy Gilman. One picture is also of the author of a play and her assistant. It’s called ‘I’ve Got a Song’ and is the story of a woman who overcame adversity to become the amazing person she is today. Everyone should check it out! Google it! Another picture is of my friend Amber and I. She is like my twin and we finally got to go to see a Billy Gilman concert together.

Here’s to 2019! Miranda ❤️

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