My Thoughts on Braille and Why It Is So Important

Today is World Braille Day. Siri even knows that and says, “World Braille Day is today!” How cool is that?

I thought I would make a short little post about why Braille matters and why it is important to me. Did you know a boy named Louis Braille made up this code for blind people to read and write? He got into an accident when he was a child and the code was created. I’ve included an older article here, but it’s worth your reading if this is something you’re interested in.

 Technology is great and it is how I am typing this post for you all. Braille though, allows myself and other blind people to actually feel the written word and see with our fingers how sentences are formed. Plus, it allows us to read in the dark! How many people can say they can read in the dark? Sure, sometimes I’d rather listen to a book rather than read ten volumes of Braille (sometimes printed books span a few volumes in Braille) but I need Braille to help me process things in my head. Take math for example. You better believe I need Braille for that!

Sometimes it’s fun to spell in Braille too! Sometimes my friends and I would talk in Braille to each other which is always pretty fun since sighted people have no idea what we’re saying!

I’d love to hear from you now. What are your thoughts on Braille? When I read about people against todays blind children learning Braille, I’m floored! Please, please take this from me who has been completely blind since birth. That’s right you guys, I see nothing. Never, ever listen to someone who says your child shouldn’t learn Braille. Kids are still learning print aren’t they? Of course they are! Even with today’s technology. So what do you guys think? Should we keep Braille around or should people only learn from using screenreading software?

Thanks for reading today’s short post.

My best to you. ❤

P.S. Here’s a challenge for today! =) Google this. In Braille, what does dots 1,2,4,5 dots 1,3,5 1,4,5 1,2,1,2,3,1,5,2,3,4,2,3,4spell? Have a great day guys.

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