Happy One Year!

April marks the one year anniversary of my blog. Can you believe that? It really is crazy how time flies. My blog turned one yesterday but I really wanted to get yesterday’s post up. I wanted to make a post today to thank everyone who has stuck with me for a year. Thank you to all my new followers. It has been my dream for my writing to reach people around the globe and that’s finally happening. Thank you Jesus. Not to be famous but rather because as blind people, we know our system meant to help us is quite broken. Because of this, I created my blog to shed some light on issues we need to be talking about. I hope people who find my blog find support from what they read or from whoever it might connect them with. Thank you to my best friend, Helene, for helping me in the beginning to get this set up. She and I have been friends since we were six years old and I couldn’t imagine life without her. Quite a bit of life happens from six to thirty. =) I’m blessed to volunteer on her Vincent for Boston campaign which you all should check out and get involved in if you can. Read and learn about it below.


I don’t often post about politics because that tends to divide people, but when you learn about her campaign, you will quickly see she is bringing people together. Who can’t get behind that? The goal of my blog is to bring people together, blind, sighted, whoever needs a voice, and create a safe space to discuss tough topics. We can’t create change if we don’t ask difficult questions, create discussions, and start hard conversations.

I want to thank my good friends Kaylan, Tori and Lindsay for also taking time to help me with my site and anyone else who has helped me along this great journey. I learned you have to hang out where your community is, and let me tell you, getting back on Twitter this year has really helped me. I’ve made so many great connections there. Thank you to everyone on there who supports me. Here’s to another year! If there’s something I should be blogging about I haven’t touched upon so far, please reach out. Find me on Facebook at Miranda Oakley, Twitter at mirandaloakley or feel free to drop me a note on my website.

Have a great day everyone!

My best to you,

Miranda ❤

6 thoughts on “Happy One Year!

  1. Happy one year! Wow! If you’re in Massachusetts then you are not that far from me. For some reason I was thinking you were on the other side of the country. Hopefully will bump into each other someday!

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