In the Dark: My Thoughts On Episode 6

Episode six was pretty emotional and intense. It has such good and sad moments! The show gets more intense with each episode. The episode opens with Murphy, Jess and Chelsea catching up in the bar. Chelsea is filling them in on her date with Dean and explain to Murphy that she can’t understand how feeling a dead body didn’t freak her out. Dean appears and Murphy starts making fun of him for liking Chelsea. He mentions that he needs to talk to her and informs her that Tyson is dead. She goes from held together, just trying to figure out what she can, to a complete mess. Can you really blame her though? Losing your best friend is really sad. I would know. I lost one of mine when he was seven and I was eight. She finds out that Tyson was shot in the forehead. A couple of times throughout the episode we see her feeling extremely guilty for leaving him alone in the alley. She ends up leaving with Jess, who tells her that there are cops around because they’re trying to figure out what happened. Murphy tries smoking and is told to leave by an officer because the alley was turned into a crime scene. Murphy flips out and demands to stay in the alley for a smoke. The officer arrests her and Jess explains that she can’t see and is begging to find out what is happening to her friend.


Dean ends up dropping the charges against Murphy, but he and Jules end up questioning her again about the night she felt Tyson in the alley. Tyson’s father was also questioned and said that Tyson said he was afraid someone was going to kill him. The father, Jamie, mentioned how he told Murphy he didn’t know where he was to get whoever was looking for him to stop. He said how he thought Murphy and her boyfriend, Max, may have been out to kill Tyson. What? I’ve recently read on the shows Facebook that other viewers think Max may have killed him. This recent episode made me love Max so I’ve been pondering if it was him or not. I really need to know! In this episode Murphy breaks up with Max and I’m not here for it at all. Girl, he was trying to be such a good boyfriend! I mean, I get you’re in pain, but I was starting to like the dude. Lots of people seem to like him after that episode actually. He tries to be there for her like her friends, but she pushes him away. I will say though, Max really surprised me in this episode. I follow comments about the show and it appears others were surprised by his recent behavior as well. For the most part we’ve seen Max as a carefree dude but not too deep. But then this episode happened. Okay where did this wicked deep side of you come from? Murphy made me laugh when Max said he knew she was in rough shape and she said she was trying to get to the gym. She’s always keeping it light isn’t she? He tries giving her a hug and offering himself to her to talk. She tells him she will feel better if he has sex with her. Okay, I realize this next part of my opinion might offend people. Max refuses sex and tells her he won’t have sex with her because she is using that to avoid her feelings. Okay, what? Forgive me for offending anyone if I do here, but since when does a guy talk about feelings? Let alone actually dealing with them!!!! Not often. I find we’re wired much differently that way, but of course this is my blog sharing my own thoughts. His behavior just surprised me, especially coming from a young guy. Murphy gets upset he won’t have sex and breaks up with him. I can’t believe it! Did I mention I’m not here for it?


I loved how this episode had so many scenes with flashbacks of Tyson. They showed video clips of Murphy and him at the lake and playfully rapping among a few others. His mom ends up giving Murphy some of his ashes because it was tradition for their family to give other members ashes. It was really touching when Murphy went in the lake to remember Tyson and let his ashes go. It was pretty funny that she went in with the tag still on her bathing suit. Girl, did you really plan on returning that? Pretty sure that wouldn’t work out too well for you. Let’s back up and talk about how the funeral was really sad to watch. Did I mention this was a heavy episode? Previously Murphy wasn’t planning on going to the funeral. She was in the bathroom of the bar having sex with this guy she met a couple of times. The guy freaks out and leaves so Murphy meets up with Dean and Chelsea. Dean tries to comfort her by telling her how hard it was when his wife died but seeing all the people who loved her and were touched by her really helped him. He offers to take her, but she decides they wouldn’t want a cop there so she says she’ll go alone. Once inside the funeral, Murphy finds Max and Jamie. She is drunk and upset and Max tries to calm her. When she realizes she’s hearing Jamie’s voice, she flips out. She argues with him about how he lied to her about his son. I understand being upset, but I also understand why his mom made her leave. Once outside, she starts smoking and is greeted by Darnell, Tyson’s cousin. In case you couldn’t tell by now, I’m not really a Darnell fan. I will say though, I did like the bonding they had in this episode though. Murphy explains to Darnell that she feels guilty because if she wasn’t herself, Tyson would still be alive. Darnell says he is the guilty one because he made Tyson deal in that spot that night. I can’t blame either of them for feeling guilty. I would feel guilty too if I were either of them.


The episode ends with Murphy going back to visit Max. If you were surprised by this, so was I and others were too. The fact that Murphy went back to him and gave him a hug was shocking and quite a big step for her. Max tells Murphy it isn’t okay for her to push the relationship away and keep coming back when something is wrong and she explains she had the worst day of her life. She doesn’t actually say sorry but you can tell she was about to. I’ve always said (and have been saying it a lot lately actually) that actions speak louder than words. I think her hug is a better way to apologize anyway. Max leaves because he has company. Murphy hears yelling and asks Max who it was. Max keeps telling this person to come back another day. Thanks to visual help on YouTube, I learned that Wesley, the guy Tyson used to hang out with and one of the dealers, has brought Max money. Max, to me, seems a little nervous telling Murphy it was Wesley who he was talking to. Murphy then tells him she knew from his voice that it was Wesley who killed Tyson. I know this next episode is going to be wicked intense! Are you watching the show? Let’s talk. Anything else I should be blogging about? Please let me know. Leave me a comment on my website or find me on Twitter at mirandaloakley. You can find me on Facebook at Miranda Oakley as well, but please send me a message telling me who you are and how you found me.


Miranda ❤


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