My Thoughts On In the Dark Episode 7

Boy oh boy was the tea hot in this episode! Let’s break it down. It starts with Murphy going through the possibilities of who killed Tyson. She lines up condiments, pretending they are certain people. For example, she knows Wesley killed her friend, so she uses a bottle of mustard to represent him. Darnell doesn’t buy it at first but then gives it some consideration. Because Wesley is so dangerous, Jess, Max and Darnell tell Murphy not to go to the police. Murphy, being Murphy, ignores them and goes to the cops. I can see them trying to protect Murphy because he is dangerous, but I also completely see Murphy’s side. If it were me, I would go to the police but I would make sure I told them that this person is known for being dangerous. Dean explains that they cannot just arrest Wesley because they need proof he actually killed Tyson. Next, we are in Jail, where Murphy has to listen to six guys say the sentence she heard the night the flower shop owner was killed. We learn that the same gun that killed Devin, the flower shop owner, is the same gun that was used to kill Tyson. Murphy is the one to point out that there is a connection between their killings. I personally believe Wesley killed Devin. One by one, each guy says, “Give me your stash,” the line Murphy heard while in the bathroom the night Devin was killed. She tells Jules Wesley’s voice is number three. I guessed three also so it turns out I was right, too. The crew over at


Had a discussion about how impressed they were that Murphy could hear all those voices and know which one belonged to Wesley. Maybe it’s a blind thing, but I mean, once you know someone’s voice it isn’t hard to know who is who.


Darnell ends up talking to Nia, the businesswoman involved in dealing, and tells her about Wesley. He starts telling Jules how Nia must have bailed Wesley out of jail and takes off. I’m not quite sure what to make of Darnell at this point. Part of me feels like he is trying to figure out who killed his cousin, but part of me also feels like he’s not really that sad about it either. He either doesn’t want to come off too emotional for fear of not seeming like a man, or he killed him and we haven’t learned it yet. I think Nia also has something up her sleeve. She bailed Wesley out of jail because she knows he didn’t kill Tyson or because she knows he did but wants to keep her business running.


We see more of Tyson in this episode which was nice. We learn that he teaches Murphy how to write print and helps her make a birthday card for Jess. Jess tells Tyson that she cried when she got the card because she knows Murphy only lets herself and Tyson help her with things. I liked this because it shows that it is things like the card that make Jess love Murphy. It’s a nice reminder of the good qualities Murphy has inside her. We really see Murphy’s good qualities come out in this episode.


I like how this episode shows more of Felix. He is so cute! How can you not like Felix by this point? He is talking to Murphy’s dad, Hank, who ends up having Felix buy weed for him. Felix freaks out and tells Jess to come with him. Jess has plans to go, but ends up not making it because she’s going after Chloe and Murphy. Felix was funny because he buys the pot from this girl and asks if she was hitting on him. He says that if she is, they can exchange numbers but she says she wasn’t. It is way funnier in the show than reading about it here. We then go back to Felix and Hank smoking. Felix ends up buying Guiding Hope from him and explains to Hank that his family has money. He tells him how he will use his trust fund to buy the company. At first Hank doesn’t believe Felix because he knows how much he pays him to work for him, but later ends up believing him about his family and lets Felix purchase the company.


Dean ends up spending a few hours with Chelsea so Murphy offers to watch Chloe. I love the sister bond shown in this episode between Murphy and Chloe. Murphy tells Dean she and Chloe are going to stay in her apartment, but Chloe convinces her to take her to the mall. At first we see Murphy actually acting responsible, trying to keep them home, but she gives in and this is where things get pretty intense. I feel like I say that for each episode, but it really does get more intense with each one. Chloe expresses to Murphy that she has a crush on a boy named Billy and Murphy tells her that it is people like herself and Chloe who are the coolest. We see Murphy taking on the role of an older sister, offering Chloe advice on how to talk to him, and she takes her to pick out a different outfit from the one her dad picked out for her. Thanks to the awesome YouTube channel mentioned above, the episode shows them feeling for clothes. I liked this mall scene because it shows people that yes, people who are blind actually live normal lives. Billy ends up talking to Chloe, not caring about her blindness, so that was nice. Good for you, kid. Way to be a kind boy.


This next part is where the tea gets pretty hot. And I mean hot! I was freaking out for them! Murphy and Chloe get into what they think is their Uber back to her apartment. Once inside the car, Murphy’s actual driver calls her looking for them. Wesley then pipes up, asking Murphy if she knows his voice. Obviously they are in a scary situation, but Murphy remains calm for Chloe, who is freaking out and keeps asking Murphy what is going on. Tyson teaching Murphy print comes in handy because she ends up writing 911 with red lipstick to get someone’s attention. This episode is when I found myself thanking God Jess put a tracker on Murphy’s phone. I’m sure a lot of people felt that way. Max comes to their apartment, and when he can’t find her, he tells Jess he hasn’t heard from her. Thanks to the tracking app, they figure out Wesley had them and drove to find them. This craziness is what kept Jess from going with Felix like she told him she would. Wesley tells Murphy and Chloe to get out of his car and leaves them in the middle of nowhere. Can you say every blind person’s worst nightmare? Murphy says if he’s going to kill either of them to kill her because Chloe is a kid. He points a gun at Murphy’s head. Chloe freaks out and Murphy tells her to do what he says and get out of his car with her. Max, Darnell and Jess catch up to them and Wesley starts shooting at them. Max and Darnell start punching Wesley. Darnell puts Wesley in Jess’s trunk and naturally Jess tells him not to. Can you really blame her for losing it? Wesley escapes from the trunk, gets hit and run over by a car and dies. I think after the next episode Jess is going to lose it and have enough of the trauma and drama because it scared her so much. Jess has such a strong friendship with Murphy though that even if she takes time away from everything, I think eventually she’ll be back.


Murphy knows Chloe isn’t okay but asks how she is doing anyway. She says she is okay but Murphy tells her that situation they were in was scary and it is okay to be scared. I like how Murphy kept calm for Chloe and reminded her that it’s okay to feel scared. Dean tells Murphy she is no longer allowed to see Chloe. Murphy, being Murphy, tries changing his mind, but Dean tells her again to stay away from him and his daughter. I can’t blame Dean for this and think it was a good idea. It is sad they won’t have that sister bond anymore, but I honestly think it will be short lived. I think at some point we’ll see Chloe and Murphy together again. I feel like Murphy will have to keep seeing Dean anyway because of the Tyson and Devin situation. We find out that there are two people involved in Tyson’s death because the hands that strangled him were from a different person. Part of me wonders if it’s Darnell, and as much as I don’t want to, part of me wonders if it might be Max. I’ve seen this talked about recently and can’t help but wonder if it is him or not. Maybe Max killed him but got with Murphy because he knew people wouldn’t expect it from a guy hanging with a blind girl? Oh God I really hope it isn’t Max! I will say though, Max grew on me these last two episodes, but now I’m back to not really liking him again. He’s still involved with dealing when he said he was going to quit being a part of it. Actions speak louder than words. You’re certainly not proving yourself at this point. Get it together, Max.


Man this episode sure had some pretty hot tea to spill! What did you guys think? If you’re watching the show, do you think Max or Darnell killed Tyson? Anyone else? Whether it is about the show or not, I want to hear from you. What else should I be blogging about? Please let me know by leaving me a comment. Find me on Twitter at mirandaloakley or on Facebook at Miranda Oakley. If you find me on Facebook, please message me and let me know who you are and how you found me. You can also leave me a comment on my website. I reply to each one of them. Also, if you know anyone who might be interested in my blog, please share it with them.

Until the next episode,

Miranda ❤

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