My Thoughts On In the Dark Episode 8

This show gets more intense with each episode. I had to watch this particular episode a few times and watch the After TV Buzz cast talk about the visuals a few times because I found this episode somewhat confusing. That being said, this post might not have everything in order. I really feel for Jess in this episode. It opens with Jess’s girlfriend, Vanessa, trying to convince Jess to go to yoga with her. I mean, yoga is wonderful, (Seriously, try it if you haven’t.) but you know, hug your girlfriend! Do something! Jess tells Vanessa that she has anxiety pills for dogs because she doesn’t want to bother Murphy about her anxiety so that is why she doesn’t have human pills. Girl! No. Just no. I hope to God she didn’t actually take dog anxiety pills! I can see not wanting to bother your best friend when she has a full plate, but at the same time, true friends will be there no matter what’s going on. You should never be taking something that isn’t for humans. Especially medication! Plus, I mean, she has a full plate too considering Wesley was in her trunk! Anyone would lose it after that. Jess has nightmares and can’t open trunks and I feel like Murphy and Vanessa need to be more sensitive to that. Jess tells Vanessa she can’t get out of her own head and Vanessa tells her to breathe. This would be nice, but she didn’t mean it in a, “Breathe, it’s going to be okay,” way. She said that in a way for her to brush off what happened and her feelings about it. Vanessa would tell her to manifest positive things which I understand, but that’s not what Jess needed at that moment. Vanessa tells Jess she doesn’t consider herself a real lesbian and Jess explains that she needs Vanessa to validate her feelings. Can you blame her? Anyone who had a dead person in their trunk would need validation that that was a terrible experience. I know I would want someone to validate my feelings. Plus Jess is always there for everyone. Somebody hug her!


This next part was confusing, but it appears that Tyson was shot, put in a car, and then left in the alley where Murphy found him the night he was killed. Not only are Dean and Jules trying to find out who else killed Tyson, but they are also trying to figure out how Wesley was killed. This part was also confusing for me because I’m doing this without audio description. Let me know how you like my posts so far since I’ve written all of them without any audio description. I only receive visual help from people discussing the show on Youtube. Jules and Dean question the guy who ran over Wesley, and he tells them that he saw a girl run away. They look through footage and figure out that the girl is Jess. Jess freaks out over the fact that she has to talk to Dean and Jules because she knows she should have gone to the police right when everything happened. She didn’t because Darnell and Max told her not to. Poor Jess. That’s not cool that she was stuck in the middle like that. Jess freaks out because she realizes Wesley’s watch was left in the trunk of her car. She is afraid to touch it because she doesn’t want her fingerprints on it. Murphy could have been better about understanding why Jess didn’t want to touch the watch but has Jess guide her hand to it. Murphy tells Jess she’ll get rid of the watch like Jess needs her to do. Max and Murphy go get Jess’s car cleaned to remove anything that would link back to Jess. At one point in the episode, Murphy makes Jess open the trunk of the car and she freaks out. This is where Murphy should have been more sensitive to Jess and what she’s going through. If you need help, okay, but you should have had your boyfriend do it. On the other hand though, if Jess hadn’t opened the trunk, she never would have realized that Wesley’s watch was still in her car.


Jess is really bad at lying, twitching her nose when she tries to, which makes her not be able to do anything but be honest. Which by the way, honesty is the best, so that’s not really a bad thing. Good for you, Jess. Darnell talks to Jess about how she feels bad about what happened and he tells her to let Dean and Jules see the fact that she is feeling bad about everything. Jess practices the story a few times before finally sharing it with Dean and Jules. She is crying, telling them how she tracks Murphy’s phone, got nervous when she was out of town, and that when she caught up with them, she was afraid Wesley was going to do something to Murphy. She explains that because she was afraid for Murphy, she didn’t go to the police about the accident like she should have. She tells them that Wesley wasn’t looking where he was going which is why he was killed, but she leaves out the fact that he was put in her trunk, escaped, and got run over.


Next I want to talk about Jess cheating on Vanessa. Of course I’m against cheating, but Murphy was so funny in this scene! Jess ends up having drinks and hooking up with this girl and the next day the girl wants to go for breakfast. Jess ends up feeling horrible about what she did and cannot get the girl to leave. As much as Murphy needs to be more sensitive to the fact that Jess cannot currently handle opening trunks of cars, Murphy really did pull through for Jess in this situation. Very good Murphy! I always knew you had it in you to care for people when you want to! Murphy comes home from a night with Max, and Jess quietly tells her she needs her help. Murphy goes outside, comes back in, and starts acting as if she’s Jess’s girlfriend who had just gotten home early. Murphy flips out and goes off about how terrible it is that Jess cheated on her. She flips out about how Jess must have cheated on her because she is blind. Hilarious! The girl says how cold that is and ends up leaving. The best friends start laughing and I found myself laughing along with them. It was much funnier to watch than to read about it here. Once the girl leaves, Jess ends up running into Chelsea at the bar where she works and they frequently visit. Chelsea tells Jess that Dean and Jules don’t think she is Tyson’s killer. Let’s back up for a second and talk about Chelsea. I like Chelsea a lot. Until this episode. Before Jess runs into Chelsea at work, Chelsea is found visiting Dean. The problem with this is that no one told Dean Chelsea was coming. Hello red flags. You don’t just let anybody back at a police station where there is lots of sensitive information. Chelsea ends up asking Dean all sorts of questions about why there is information about Jess among others. Dean tells Chelsea to act like she hasn’t seen anything and wishes he had a heads up about her coming before they headed to dinner. It’s really sketchy to me that someone would let Chelsea go back so easily. I really feel like that is connected to something somehow. At the bar, Jess starts telling Chelsea that she has had a horrible day. Chelsea blurts out that they don’t think Jess is Tyson’s other killer and Jess doesn’t know what Chelsea is talking about. Jess tells Chelsea she was talking about Vanessa and wants to know why she is telling her all this information. Chelsea explains that she thought Jess was having a horrible day because they thought she killed Tyson when she didn’t. Chelsea explains to Jess that she isn’t supposed to know this information, not to tell Murphy, and that Murphy needs to let Dean figure out the case. Jess ends up telling Murphy about her encounter with Chelsea, because she tells Murphy that she can lie to Vanessa and the cops, but she can’t lie to her.


Next, let’s talk about Felix. I love Felix more and more with each episode. One thing I love about him is that he doesn’t take Murphy’s irresponsible behavior. In this episode he ends up officially buying Guiding Hope. Murphy’s mother, Joy, is very upset about this for a while. I can’t really blame her because even though you know someone else could do a better job, if you care about the company the way she does, it still isn’t easy to give it up. Once the school is signed over to Felix, he ends up talking to her about what to do about Murphy. Joy approaches the situation with a “Good luck with that,” type of attitude. Felix ends up doing away with performance reviews and gets rid of Murphy’s bench that she used to nap on. Of course Murphy gets upset, but Felix tells her she either comes to work or has no job. I say good for Felix for calling Murphy out on her behavior.


At one point during the episode, Murphy explains to Jess that her way of getting rid of Wesley’s watch was to throw it away at work. Jess gets mad because she wanted the watch to be burned or disposed of another way other than throwing it in the trash. I can see (Yes I’m blind and said see. We all do it actually. Go ahead and start using that word around blind people. Really, it’s fine.) Jess getting upset about Murphy throwing the watch away because she was scared and wants anything linked to those memories out of her life. On the other hand, I can see why Murphy threw it away. I think that there’s a lot to take in here. Murphy could have easily given the watch to Darnell or Max to get rid of it for her, but that may have caused trouble. If Darnell or Max disposed of the watch then their fingerprints would be on it and the watch would be connecting them to Tyson’s death. Murphy does live with easy access to Uber or Jess to drive her, so that could’ve been an option. Jess would have probably not wanted to be around while Murphy got rid of the watch but Jess ends up always giving in so I’m not sure why nothing like that happened. On the other hand, if Murphy got to the ocean, the lake or a river somehow, what if someone found her (and any assistance she may have had) throwing the watch into the water and she didn’t want anyone to know about it because there is already so much going on with this case? Jess ends up driving Murphy to Guiding Hope, but Jess doesn’t see the watch in the trash. Who do they end up finding? Felix! Jess ends up asking Felix about the watch he was wearing and she and Murphy figure out it is Wesley’s. Felix is busy with the watch and work, so they never get to tell him the watch belonged to Wesley. Felix explains that he found the watch in the trash and the guy who it belonged to keeps getting all sorts of texts. He tells Murphy and Jess how he is flirting with girls and hasn’t told them that he isn’t the original owner of the watch.


Lastly, to wrap things up, I want to talk about Max. Max is one of those characters who I like and then can’t stand him in the next episode. Well Max, I loved you this time. I will say though, as sweet as he was in this episode, I thought he went a little fast with their relationship. If you’re still with me by this point in my post, what are your thoughts about Max giving Murphy a key so quickly? Max definitely gets major boyfriend points in this episode for showing Murphy around. He googled how to orient a blind person to a new place so she could become comfortable with his apartment. He didn’t just give her any tour, but the fact that he thought to himself to help a blind person? Sorry, what? People don’t usually do that. That’s so nice. Not only that, but he moved his couch so it was the way she had hers in her apartment. I mean who does that? No one! You can’t blame them though because it takes a second to move a couch. I feel like Max’s actions show he’s trying to put himself in Murphy’s shoes and make things easy for her, no matter what that involves for him. Good for you, Max. Way to be a good dude. I don’t know anyone who would google orienting a blind person, let alone move a couch! Definitely a clue that this guy is a made up character which I like and then end up wanting to yell at him. For my blind/VIP readers, what are your thoughts on Max and how he handled Murphy staying at his place? It was interesting when she bumped into a coffee table. I mean we all as VIP or blind people do things like that. It was nice to see them shopping for a blender and coffee table, and I thought he was very inclusive of her, having her feel tables to pick one out for them. That was nice. Way to go, Max. I feel like Max making Murphy a key to come and go as she pleases is welcoming and kind, but this was her first night at his apartment so I thought it was a little too soon. I mean, they say you know when you know, so good for you, Max. Talk about jumping in though. As my dad would say, slow your roll Max, slow your roll!


This was a long post for sure! If you’ve stuck with me, thanks! Any thoughts on the show you’d like to share? I’ll also be posting my thoughts on more episodes soon. I’d love to connect with you. Please reach out! You can find me on Twitter at mirandaloakley, on Facebook at Miranda Oakley or you can always drop me a comment here on my website. If you find me on Facebook, please send me a message telling me who you are and how you found me. Thanks.

Until next time,

Miranda ❤

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