My Thoughts On In the Dark Episode 9

Before I share my thoughts about the 9th episode, I wanted to mention a few things I liked from the 8th episode that I left out of that post. Because Murphy finds out that another person is involved in Tyson’s killing, she leaves her night with Max to get information out of Dean. I go back and forth with liking Max, but I see both sides to this situation. He made you a meal and you can’t stay for dinner and talk to Dean another time? Girl! That’s mean. Poor Max. After talking to Dean for a bit, he ends up forgiving Murphy for going to the mall with Chloe. Dean allows her to spend the night for movie night, and I was happy that Chloe reunited with Murphy so quickly. Anyone else excited about this? Lastly, I wanted to say how shocked I was when Murphy told Max she loved him. Wow Murphy, you’re really stepping it up! I’m not surprised he had to say, “I love you,” first, but I figured she would brush him off. Did you have a moment of feeling bad? Maybe slightly? You know, maybe you do have a heart, and you felt bad for leaving your boyfriend after he made dinner for you guys?



Moving on now to episode number 9, watching this particular episode was special because I got to watch it with my twin! We freaked out over the same things. Anyone surprised? Let’s talk about Dean. It’s very clear that he likes Murphy in this episode. I still don’t know how I feel about him getting together with Murphy. What are your thoughts about Murphy and Dean? Could you see them as a couple or are you for Murphy and Max? The episode opens with Murphy requesting an Uber because she fell asleep on Dean. Even though they didn’t have sex, that’s still weird. I don’t blame Chelsea for getting upset about that. I feel like anybody would find that strange. Chloe teases her dad and Murphy about her staying the night and they quickly brush it off, telling her it’s nothing. You can tell Dean likes Murphy because when she comes to talk to him, he thinks it is about the night they had, but it is about Tyson’s death. Are we really surprised? I sure wasn’t. Wishful thinking, Dean. When Chelsea and Dean were out at dinner one night, she expresses to him how upset she is that he always drops everything anytime Murphy calls him. Can you blame Chelsea? I’d be upset too. He could easily talk to her for a second and then say he needed to call her back. Chelsea breaks up with Dean and I don’t blame her at all. I can see sometimes dropping everything for someone you care about, but every time? No, that’s not okay. You could also just not pick up the phone all the time. Good for you, Chelsea! Way to know what you deserve!


Let’s talk about Jess and Vanessa. Murphy calls Jess, trying to figure out if she has the right deodorant. Really? I know sometimes it’s easier with people you know, but you know, there’s an App for that! She could have also asked someone at the store. She later tells Jess how she is upset because she wasn’t there for her emergency. Girl, calm your dramatic self-down! No emergency there. When Murphy calls, Jess tells Vanessa she can figure out whatever it is on her own. This is very good of Jess to do. We all need help sometimes. Yes, even those without disabilities need help sometimes. You should not put all your needs on one person though. Spread it out a little. People do that in real life though. I know plenty of people who pass off disability related stuff like it’s a plate. They figure that since that one person has always dealt with any assistance the person might need, that means they don’t have to. This attitude is so wrong. Get over it and stop it. If you’re upset by that, maybe take a look at why you’re upset and how you really feel about disability. It will take time, but this is why we should never stop talking. I’m happy Jess handled it this way because Murphy needs to realize she can’t use Jess for everything. Plus, even if she does feel bad, she does deserve a date night or whatever time away from Murphy she can get. In the long run, it’s good for both of them.


Jess feels guilty for cheating on Vanessa so she has a seven month anniversary dinner with cupcakes that she made. When they were out to dinner, Felix serves them drinks and comes to hit on one of Vanessa’s friends. Of course it doesn’t go well. What does go well for Felix? Poor guy. It was really funny though when he was asking Jess about when the dinner was so he could go. Much funnier in the show than here in this post. I thought it was silly, but seven is also my favorite number so I thought the dinner was sweet. Jess and Vanessa were making up all these hashtags about their relationship which was cute and Jess finally blurts out that she cheated on her. They break up and I’m actually okay with that. Jess can do better. What do you guys think of this?


Let’s talk about Max. I didn’t like him in this episode. Max helps Murphy go through security footage and based on what he tells her he sees, he thinks Darnell could be an informant in Tyson’s case. Speaking of Darnell, let’s back up for a second and talk about Jules. She has always been conflicted between dating him and doing her job. I’d say this time your emotions got the better of you. This part is a little confusing because I don’t have audio description so somebody please correct me if I’m wrong. Jules finds Darnell’s DNA is linked to evidence in Tyson’s case. Darnell is very upset and asks Jules if there is a way out of the situation. Thinking she will protect him, she arrests him on her own terms. You cannot do that! She thinks he won’t run into anyone if she arrests him herself so she can remove him from the situation as quickly as possible. I’m glad she breaks up with Darnell because clearly she cannot do her job and date him at the same time. Plus, it wouldn’t be good if anyone knew he was dating a cop or that she was dating him. I’m here for all the breakups so far. What about you guys? Jess and Murphy sneak into Guiding Hope over the weekend so she can help Murphy look up a witness list. Felix catches them and asks why they are using company WI-FI. Felix tells them that if the informant was a minor that information would have to be disclosed. They laugh it off when he tells them he went to Harvard law, so that is how he knew the information about minors.


Jess tells Murphy how she feels bad about what she did to Vanessa and that she is sad about the breakup. Murphy, being typical Murphy, blows her off and starts going on about how she’s worried because she hasn’t heard from Max all day. I understand being scared because you don’t know what happened to your boyfriend, but give the girl a moment! She is always there for you! Felix, Murphy and Jess take Felix’s car to Max’s house and realize he isn’t home. They can’t find his phone, but Jess explains to Murphy that his computer also receives text messages. Murphy tries getting Jess and Felix to read his computer and they won’t. Finally Jess gives in as always and ends up reading the computer for her. Girl, you need to learn to stick up for yourself! I can understand friends are always there, but she gives into her way too much. Anyone else feel this way?


Felix helps them figure out that Max is at a hotel, and Jess convinces Murphy that despite what Felix says, Max isn’t cheating on her. Felix drives them to the hotel and Murphy tells them not to follow her to meet Max. Felix and Jess end up at the Indoor Pool laughing and singing over drinks. I love this scene. I love their friendship. Felix is so underappreciated and it isn’t okay. He’s so awkward, sweet and I wish people were better to him. Max is shocked to find Murphy and admits to her that he is an informant. She is upset and this is actually something I actually don’t blame her for. I understand that Max has to look out for himself, and if he doesn’t do the work he could go to jail, but give it up dude. Murphy flips out, saying that he killed Tyson. Anyone else think Max was getting a little defensive when he said he didn’t kill him? If nothing was going on then why act that way? What do you guys think? Do you think something is up with Max?

Until my next post, thanks for reading.

Miranda ❤


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