Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day! I figured since I have a blog now I would make a post reflecting on Father’s Day. Okay Holy Spirit, Whatever you’d like me to say in three, two, one…Go. I pray and hope what I write here doesn’t offend people. If you disagree with anything written here, that’s fine, but let’s all respect one another. I have to be honest and say for the longest time, to me, Father’s Day was one of those days that I didn’t give much thought. I grew up without a dad and learned how God has perfect reasons for everything. Don’t worry, I won’t go pushing religion on you, but that’s how I feel. Father’s Day was one of those days I always said to my mom and my aunt. ❤ Most of my life, my mom was Mom and Dad. That changed when I met who I call my other mom and dad. Clarence and his MWFL, Pam. By the way, I know they have a lot of “adopted” kids, so thanks for sharing them with me. In case you’re wondering, MWFL is what Dad says is, “My woman for life”. In a nutshell, conversations with Dad go something like this. “Dad, please fix my computer! Oh! So…Laurie said…Phillips changed my life because…Billy Gilman and Taylor Swift! And more Taylor Swift. You’re busy? Let me text you ten text messages.” I tell Dad everything.


Let me tell you about my dad. We met when I was a freshman in college. He’s good at basketball. He could have made it big, but the father of all father’s had bigger plans. Thank God! I mean, who else can I send long texts to? Dad loves old school music and always introduces me to so many artists because I love music. I always know when Dad pulls up because most of the time he’s blasting something. In fact, he’s one of those dads who tells me his kids always used to say, “Dad, turn your music down!”


He teaches me about Paul, Romans, Psalms, and when I talk to him about guys, he always reminds me that, “I don’t care how cute he is, actions speak louder than words.” We have great conversations that always provide me with a new perspective and scripture to relate to what I’m going through. One of my favorite things about him is that he’s not a traditionalist. We come from a very tradition based church. Dad always talks about what the Bible says and doesn’t get hung up on things that don’t matter. Like me, he is against foyerism. Want to know what that is? Reach out and let’s start a conversation.


As a writer, I wonder sometimes when to give information and when to let people do some homework and research themselves. I think having a balance of both approaches is good. Thoughts anyone? Dad taught me about one of his favorite Greek words, agape, which is a type of love that can really touch people. Even if you don’t know God but love people, learning about agape is a good thing. Love makes our world brighter. I’d love to explain agape, (my good friend Helene says she loves when I explain it to people) but I think I’ll see if anyone does some research. If you follow my blog, thanks! Look up agape and let’s have a discussion about it. I know many people who turn agape on and off like it is a light switch they use whenever they feel like it. Yes, even people at church. Now, if this bothers you, calm down. I’m not saying all church is bad. I’m not saying don’t go to church or you shouldn’t find one. There are great people at my church, but if I’m being honest, not many treat me quite like Dad and his WFL. Dad doesn’t know exactly what Jesus looks like, but he loves him and shares the good news with so many people. I find in life, with people, in school, at Rotary, at church, everywhere really, I always have to prove myself. But I never have to prove myself to the Holy Father and to my dad. So many times people wonder how I can help at church or any events elsewhere because of my blindness and to be frank, it gets really tiring. I’m thankful my God blessed me with a dad and his WFL who take me for who I am and don’t overcomplicate me. I wanted to focus on Father’s Day because even though his WFL is awesome too, it’s common for people with disabilities to have Dad walk out. Sometimes people have Dad and no Mom, but most cases it is the other way around. Why do you think that is? I guess it’s true what they say, a mother just knows. Sometimes, Dad’s do stick around though.


Dad is there to embarrass me with old interviews, (at my graduation party he decided to play this one from when I was seventeen, sounding really little on repeat. Thank God it’s been taken off the internet. He could have chosen another Perkins one I was proud of but no. I’ll forgive you.) He prays with me about many things. He and his WFL were there as I cried and prayed for a reader to come forward my last semester of college. He is there for everything. Dad’s agape for me covers the fact that sometimes when I’m mad enough, I can be a little or a lot mouthy. Thanks for not walking out on me, Dad. It is crazy to think about that tomorrow, he’ll take me to Perkins to test the Career Launch program. Life was so different for me when I was at Perkins and he wasn’t in it. To anyone who needs a father figure, I pray they come forward. Remember that no matter what, someone is always listening. Now, this post has been sappy enough. Back to me sending too many long texts!


Is there anything you’d like me to blog about? Let me know. Find me on Twitter at mirandaloakley, on Facebook at Miranda Oakley or feel free to leave me a comment here on my website. I’d love to connect. If you find me on Facebook, I just ask that you reach out and let me know who you are and how you found me. Thank you.

Have a great week!


Miranda ❤

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