Funny Moments At Perkins

Happy Saturday!

I thought I would post about a few funny things that happened during my week at Perkins. They were much funnier in person than they are to read about here, but I figured I’d share.


Now that I’m not on campus, I think it is okay I share. As I mentioned in my post on the first day of testing the program, we were staying on a different part of campus than where I lived when I was a student there. We stayed in Bridgman cottage, named after Laura Bridgman. There were four girls and one guy. Whenever something would happen, whether it be we misplaced something or plans for the program fell through, (more about that in another post) my twin and I would say things like, “It’s Laura’s fault!” or “Laura did it!” Eventually everyone, including the teachers and staff, started blaming poor Laura but we all got a good laugh. If you want to learn about Laura Bridgman, you can read about her below.


If you know me, then you know vanilla is one of my all-time favorite scents. In case any of my followers like vanilla as much as I do, during the week I switched between Warm Vanilla Sugar Fine Fragrance Mist and another spray called Vanilla. We were hanging out one night and one of the girls (not sure if they care if I use their names yet) walks in and says, “Someone smells like vanilla,” so of course I told her it was me. Amber decided she’s going to call me Cupcake because I often smell like cake and always make her want to eat some.


Speaking of the two others in the program, they told me a funny blind moment story I thought I’d share. They were at Target one night and someone bought Watermelon. One of the girls told her friend that the person was buying a bowling ball. Her friend had to tell her it was actually Watermelon. This is way funnier hearing about it when it happened instead of reading about it here. Blindness has different degrees and some people can see a certain amount while others like myself cannot.


During lessons the teachers split us up and had us all work with someone we didn’t know. One morning when they were announcing who was with who and Amber realized we would not be together, she says, “Oh!” This again was way funnier in person. The surprise in her voice still makes me laugh thinking about it for this post. I didn’t mind working with other people because it was nice to get to know the other people on our team.


This was a quick post, but stay tuned because I plan to make more posts about each day of the program. Did you see my post about day one? If not, go ahead and check that out. I also plan to make another post about my final thoughts along with some photos.


Thanks so much for reading. Is there anything I should be blogging about that I’m not already discussing? Reach out. Find me on Twitter at mirandaloakley, leave me a comment here on my site, or find me on Facebook at Miranda Oakley. If you find me on Facebook, please send me a message telling me who you are and how you found me. Thanks!

Have a great weekend! For those of my followers in the states, stay cool during this muggy weather.


Miranda ❤


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