My Textbook Is Out Now!

Hi everybody!

I’m very happy to say the book I had the honor of being a part of entitled Social Justice and Putting Theory Into Practice in Schools and Communities is out now! What a crazy feeling it is to say that. Read about it here.

My professor and friend, Adam, wrote chapter 14 so check that out. I am chapter 17. There’s a seven in that which is no big deal for me or anything. Seriously though, I hope the right people find this book and my chapter is helpful. If you can get a copy, thank you! If not, please spread the word and share the above link.

Miranda ❤


4 thoughts on “My Textbook Is Out Now!

    1. Thanks, Amanda! I didn’t write the entire book just a chapter in it. There’s lots of other great chapters though. Let’s please connect on messenger. I love your post from yesterday. Made me a little emotional in a good way.


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