My Thoughts On In the Dark Episode 10

I know, I know. I’m wicked behind  in these posts! These last couple of episodes are pretty visual so I’ve had to watch them multiple times to follow them so I could write about them. Episode ten opens with Jules and Darnell in the car talking about why she arrested him. Darnell, talking out loud, goes through everyone he knows who knows about the drug dealing going on. He figures out that Max was the one to share about the dealing. Jules explains to Darnell that the only way to get him out of the situation is for her to arrest him for killing Tyson on her own terms. You cannot do that! This is a pure example of Jules not being able to keep her feelings out of her work. This episode basically is the police trying to figure out how Darnell killed Tyson. If these last few posts are out of order it is because as I said, these last few episodes were quite visual with an awful lot happening.


Jess bags up Max’s stuff and tells Murphy to be mature and return it to him. I like how Jess calls it for what it is and acknowledges Murphy’s immature behavior. She ends up talking to Murphy about being sad because she and Vanessa were only broken up for a day. Murphy isn’t too sensitive to Jess which shouldn’t surprise us, but she really needs to work on that. Your friend is always there for you, you might want to think about returning that for your so called best friend. The episode shows Jess in the apartment talking to Vanessa about why it didn’t work between them and Jess tells her that while they had fun together, she needs someone she can do more than have fun with. They’re crying and Vanessa wishes she could give Jess more. This is such a tough scene. Breakups are so hard. In person it’s difficult because you’re with them but phone ones aren’t good either…So either way, they’re not easy, even if they’re for a good reason.


Murphy ends up at the bar, (are we surprised?) and meets this gay couple. They start petting her dog and asking about him. First of all, why didn’t she address guide dog rules? Probably because she was too wrapped up in herself. I have friends with guides and the basic guide dog 101 is you do not pet guides. If so, you absolutely ask first. If you are told no, respect that. If not, you are making things unsafe for the dog and handler. It might not look that way, but don’t distract the team please. Are we clear? Great. Murphy asks this couple to be her eyes and inform her about any cute guys around them. They bring her to a guy that she hooks up with.


Next I want to talk about Jess and Felix. I love Felix. For a second, for a minute, I thought Jess might be bi. Anyone else feel like Jess and Felix would have been good together? I love Jess but if she was straight I think they would go together well. Let’s back up. Jess is down in the dumps and spends time swiping on dating Apps. Who does she find but Vanessa! Felix tells her she’s starting to upset the dogs and the boss will look the other way, so she should take a vacation day. He ends up coming over with her favorite Indian food and tells her he is sad because she is sad. Aww. He’s a good one. The part of the scene where they are hanging out before they get physical reminded me of my old friend Peter a little bit. Jess cries and Felix thought it was because he brought her the wrong food, but it was because she found him really sweet. Felix tells her that she takes care of everyone so he came to take care of her. Felix’s visit reminded me a little bit of college when my friend at the time would come visit me. We were friends for years so he was there when I was happy and when I was in a horrible mood because URI really stressed me out. We would have food, watch Glee or go for drives and have the best conversations. Oh and sing so incredibly loudly even though we couldn’t sing. But sometimes you gotta do crazy things like that. Laughter really is the best. Oh and he used to like to make up silly lyrics and put my name in songs sometimes to be funny. Being an outcast in college, it always made me feel better having someone who grew up with me around to be my friend and let people see that blind people have sighted friends for real and not always for money.


Jess and Felix end up smoking pot and having a great time. They can be seen laughing and enjoying cookies. What I really like about Felix is that he asked Jess for her consent when they were making out. He wanted to know if it was the pot or if she was actually okay with what was going on. Good man. They come really close to hooking up but Jess freaks out, tells him she’s gay and starts crying. Felix is wicked nice about it, and they tell one another they love each other, but only in a friend way.


I’ll spend the rest of this post talking about Max. Watching this again to write about it made me feel all the feels all over again. Murphy goes to give Max his stuff while he is on a call talking about how he didn’t do the deal he was supposed to. He says he can’t do it anymore but is reminded why he stays involved in dealing. The thing is, yes you have to look after yourself, but if you really want out, find a way to make it happen. They make small talk that is anything but friendly and Max forces her and Pretzel into his truck. They end up trying to get away from one of Nia’s men who is after Max. Max makes Murphy text Jess that she’s with him and doing okay because he says Jess cannot come looking for her. After Murphy texts Jess she is talking to Max, he throws her phone out the window. Really? You threw her phone out the window! They end up running through the woods until Murphy tells him she is cold and cannot go any further. He finds a lake with a rowboat, messes up his shoulder, and they enter the boat. He teaches Murphy how to row them to the other side of the lake. Mind you, they don’t have a phone! He may be trying to protect them, but she is blind and somewhere she doesn’t know, without a phone. This is not a good situation. Max finds a cabin with a key so he breaks in. That’s crazy! They eat and Max asks how he can fix their relationship. He tells her he will do anything for her. Liar! If you did anything for her you would have given up dealing a long time ago! He tells her he has forgiven her for sleeping with another guy, for almost breaking his nose, and that she can’t act like nothing happened between them. He commented that she went with him and still hasn’t left him. Hello? You forced her to get in your truck! Also, if she left you, let’s remind you that she really wouldn’t know where to go anyway, so how could she leave you?! Max asks Murphy if she will run away with him and build a life with the stolen drug money he has. Are you crazy? Murphy certainly has quite a bit to work on, but you can’t really blame her for getting upset that Max lied to her about his dealing can you? I know I can’t.


Murphy makes the bed while Max takes a shower. She ends up sending him mixed messages because they end up hooking up. Max figures out that they were discovered so they hide in a boat shed. Max finds a loaded gun and Murphy is crying. She tells him that in case they die, she doesn’t really hate him. He promises her she will be okay and he won’t let her die. They end up running back to the rowboat and Max helps her and Pretzel in. He tells her to row away and that this is his problem, not hers. He pushes the boat and a gunshot can be heard. We’re not sure if Max shot it or if he was shot. I understand trying to protect Murphy and himself, but you left a blind woman by herself, with no phone, to row somewhere she has no clue how to get to?!!! I cannot believe that! He said if he went with her someone would find them. Let’s talk about this. You left her alone! In a rowboat! With no phone to find her way back to get help? How can she do that! What an ending to this episode. What do you guys think about this rowboat situation? Let me know. If she sees him again in season two, (she better!) he has some explaining to do.

Until my next post,

Miranda ❤


2 thoughts on “My Thoughts On In the Dark Episode 10

  1. Man I really wanted them together and I loved the way Jess was like don’t tell Murphy and he said like she would believe him anyway but in his head I bet he was going to be like I hit it I hit it I hit it first

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