Summer Photos

Hi friends!

I’m out door knocking today but wanted to share some photos of the summer. For my blind friends: photos include my nephew and I at the pond playing catch, my twin and I at a Billy Gilman concert and my twin and I volunteering at Rhode Island’s first Hope Day (more about that in a future post), me in my cousin’s Ferrari, some photos from my time at Perkins when I was testing that career launch program. Ot includes a photo of me on the couch at Perkins, a photo of the Perkins radio number and a photo of the door to the radio studio. Fun fact- I’ve included a photo of a wooden carving that students used to use to identify their rooms. You can also see a special textured map from Perkins. There is also a photo of me speaking to a URI class. Check out my June 8 post to hear it. Finally, a photo of me with a paper plane on the beach. Hope you’re all staying cool today! Best, Miranda ❤️

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