My Thoughts On In the Dark Episode 11

Happy August! I can’t believe it’s the end of the month already. Anyone else feel like this summer went quickly? I’d like to take a second to thank everyone who reads my blog, from the readers, to the followers, to the people who leave me comments. I haven’t blogged in a little while and my views are still great! Thank you God and thank you to all of you. Part of the reason these posts have taken me so long is because I’ve had to watch the episodes a few times because they’ve been wicked visual. Believe it or not, the CW Apps are not that great either. Funny right? I mean the show is about a blind woman.


Episode eleven opens with Murphy and Pretzel making their way across the lake. Pretzel wakes her up by licking her face because their boat hit the riverbank. We see clips of her with Tyson and he asks her if she ever gets lonely. She tells him she isn’t lonely when she is by herself but she feels lonely when she is with people. I think this is something we as blind people (or anyone who is different for that matter) can relate to, am I right? I know for me, I understand the feeling of being around tons of  people but feeling like you’re the only one because people choose not to talk to you.


We go back to Murphy struggling to make her way to the road where she can get help back to Guiding Hope. Murphy, realizing she is in mud, gets out of the boat but her shoe gets stuck so she falls. She is seen yelling for help and keeps walking through the woods with one shoe. Anyone still upset that Max left Murphy without a phone, in a place she has no clue about? Murphy talks to herself, expressing that she’s upset at Max for throwing her phone out the window. I mean if it were me, I would say, “Damn it Max!” too. She tells Pretzel it is times like these that make her wonder why he signed up to be a guide dog. She tells Pretzel he could have been chasing squirrels and that if anything happens to her as she makes her way towards the road, he can eat her. Something we should talk about is the fact that she doesn’t ever listen to him. Girl, when your dog won’t go forward like you ask, obviously there’s a reason. For anyone wondering, here’s a little lesson for you. When guide dogs do not perform commands, it is for the safety of their owner. They are taught by the school when and when not to listen to commands. Murphy ends up finding a sign which makes her think they are at the road. Because the sign was not brailled and she had no phone with any Apps to read for her, she has no idea that the sign is for hunting. Murphy, hearing a gun go off, runs with Pretzel and ends up falling down a hill.


She makes her way to a trail that lead to the road. Cars pass by and she yells again for assistance but no one stops. Murphy ends up yelling, “I hope you crash!” Girl! Karma is real! Have you heard of it? Eventually she catches the attention of a school bus with kids singing about Jesus.


Murphy makes her way to Guiding Hope, finds Jess and tells her she should think about re-evaluating her relationship with Jesus. Girl, I definitely think you should. We cut to Felix who tells Murphy and Jess to act like adults that day because his mother had a guy (I think a lawyer but someone correct me if he plays someone else.) watching him to see if Guiding Hope was a good investment with his trust fund. In typical Felix fashion, nothing goes his way. Poor guy. Sarah, the detective, shows up and asks to speak with Murphy. She tells Murphy that they can protect Max if he comes back and that she needs to do what she can to have Max come home. She tells Murphy that if she doesn’t get Max to come home, Nia will walk around as a free woman. Felix tells Murphy that Max cannot call the work number and that he is alive, and she should not go looking for him. Of course Murphy being Murphy, doesn’t take no for an answer. Anyone surprised? Jess looks through call logs at work, does a search and finds Max’s ex-girlfriend, Jenny’s, number. Murphy ends up convincing Jess to drive her to the ex-girlfriend’s house. Jess explains to Murphy that she hasn’t driven since Wesley’s death and ends up having a panic attack. Murphy, in typical Murphy fashion, isn’t sensitive to her friend’s feelings. This is really sad because of everything Jess does for Murphy, and Murphy is fine with Jess always giving to her and her giving nothing in return.


Felix ends up talking to a woman about getting puppies, but she isn’t comfortable giving them to him because he has a car rather than the Guiding Hope van. He ends up telling the lawyer that he gave Murphy and Jess permission to borrow the van for the day when in reality they stole it to fulfill Murphy’s wishes. The lawyer ends up questioning Felix about his time with Jess and Felix explains that he didn’t force himself on Jess. Poor Felix! This was not okay to talk to Felix about his night with Jess. This is wrong in my opinion because it had nothing to do with Felix’s ability to invest in the guide dog school. Murphy makes fun of Jess for her time with Felix and Jess tells her he isn’t as bad as she thinks he is. She tells Murphy that when she is with Felix, they are doing anything but thinking about Tyson’s death. Jess has been through quite a lot so I can completely see her needing and wanting to spend time with Felix. It’s always good to have that friend who keeps things light when things feel a little too heavy.


This episode also focuses on Jules and her love for Darnell. If this post is all over the place it is because parts of this episode confused me and I watched it without any audio description. Jules tells Dean that she has known Darnell since they were fourteen and that they had been dating for most of that time. She ends up telling Dean she arrested Darnell because she panicked, she was taken off the case and that she was placed on desk duty. She apologizes to Sara for her actions with Darnell and ends up looking through evidence even though she is no longer on the case. She finds out that Darnell is linked to the dental floss that was in the evidence locker and ends up talking with a guy who was there when the gun that was used to kill Tyson was found. Because she is no longer working on the case, she can only talk with Dean about the information she has. She shares with Dean that she believes someone is framing Darnell and that she doesn’t believe he killed Tyson because Darnell was with her the night of Tyson’s death.


Once at Jenny’s house, they talk over food and beer. Jenny tells Murphy Max stayed at her house the night before but she doesn’t think he will be coming back. She said Max is the type of guy who is with girls who he thinks he can fix. She says that Murphy is an addict, (alcoholic) is hot, and tells her about how Max’s mother died from drinking herself to death. She told Murphy and Jess about how Max was the only one in his family to try and help his mom deal with and stop her drinking problem. How sad. Murphy doesn’t want to look stupid in front of Jenny so she plays along, acting as though she knew about the passing of Max’s mom. Jess expresses to Murphy that they should leave because she is uncomfortable and again, Murphy brushes her off. I don’t like that she treats Jess this way.


Felix calls Murphy flipping out that she and Jess stole the work van. Can you really blame him? Murphy and Jess are at a bar and find Max. Max and Murphy hug and leave Jess so they can talk in the van. This turns into quite the emotional conversation because Murphy and Max realize they won’t see each other again. Felix pressed charges on Jess and Murphy for the stolen van and I don’t blame him. Murphy tells the police that she just met Max in order to protect him. Jess freaks out and the police arrest her and Murphy. When they are in jail, Jess tells Murphy that she needs to cut her out of her life because she has been enabling her. She expresses to Murphy that she thinks she is an addict over Tyson’s death. Felix ends up dropping the charges and doesn’t know what to do now that his mother cut him off and he can no longer own Guiding Hope. Jess is at Felix’s apartment while Murphy is at her apartment with Pretzel, sleeping in Jess’s bed. I think it is sad that Jess cut Murphy out since they’ve been friends for so long, but I completely see why she did. I would too if I were Jess.

The episode ends with Nia, who has left prison and is now a free woman.


I would like to thank Dianna, from Dianna with two N’s, (her channel and a link to one of her videos is below,) for helping me with the visuals of this episode. She has great videos so everybody go check her out.


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Until next time,

Miranda ❤

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