Positive Experience Worth Sharing

Hi friends and a happy Thursday to you all. Happy 2020! =) I know, I know! It has been forever since I’ve posted. Thanks to those of you still viewing my site throughout my absence. Learning my new laptop has taken me much longer than I would have liked, but I’m at a much more comfortable place at this point.


I have always said and believed that we need to have a balance in what we are sharing. We absolutely should be sharing the negative stuff happening throughout the blindness community to bring about change. I also believe it is, and should be equally important to shed light on positive experiences because we can also bring about change that way. Recently I had a driver bring me to an appointment who knew to call my cane a cane. Most people who don’t know what it is often call it a walking stick. I thought this was great that he knew what to call it. He was trying to show me where the handle on his van was should I need to hold on to it. He asked, “Can I take your cane?” I said, “No,” and he said, “Okay,” and proceeded to show me how to find the handle he was telling me about. People often don’t respect choices of those with disabilities and often keep focusing on how the person is just trying to help and be nice. I was pleased that this person was respectful of personal space because the cane is an extension for people who cannot see. I thought people would appreciate this. If you are new to blindness, I hope you learned something.


Thanks for reading! Is there anything I should be blogging about? Let me know by leaving a comment here on my site or feel free to reach out to me on Facebook at Miranda Oakley. I just ask that you send me a message telling me who you are and how you found me. You can also find me on Twitter and send me a tweet at mirandaloakley

My best to you all,

Miranda ❤

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