My Thoughts On “In the Dark” Episodes 12 and 13

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I know it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted about “In the Dark”, so this is going to be a long one! Life happens. I just found out Monday that season two has started and I was five episodes behind! I caught myself up yesterday, and my views tell me people are still reading my posts about the first season, so I thought I would finish wrapping that up. This post is going to cover both episodes 12 and 13.


When this particular episode aired, (episode 12) I was at Perkins that week, so I only caught a review during one of my breaks but didn’t catch it until a few days later. You know it was intense when my friend, Chelsea, texted me saying, “Omg. The last episode of “In the Dark”! Did you watch it Thursday???” Chelsea often helps me with the visual stuff, so thanks, Chels! It’s crazy that the CW doesn’t have the show described on their App. This show is about a blind woman!


Episode 12 opens with Murphy’s birthday party at the roller-skating rink. We flashback to Murphy and Jess as teenagers. Murphy’s parents take their annual birthday photo of Jess and Murphy. Murphy makes a comment, wanting to know why her parents were taking a photo when she won’t be able to see it soon. Oh Murphy. I can see why she would be sad about losing her sight, but blind people like photos, too.


We then flash forward to Murphy’s apartment. Murphy tells Pretzel Jess isn’t there. He too, seems to miss Jess. Then we see Felix and Jess having breakfast at Felix’s apartment. Jess wants to know how Murphy is without her. Felix tells her she could call her but he supports her taking time away from Murphy. Next, Murphy is at the store, where the usual cashier isn’t working. The woman behind the counter asks for Murphy’s id. She tells her about the sign that mentioned ids were required. Murphy tells her about her guide dog and the woman tells her she still needs to hand over her id. Hello? Just because you’re blind doesn’t mean you should get away with not having to show your id. Murphy puts a couple of cards on the counter, saying, “It’s one of those,” and lets the cashier find the right one. If you’re blind, you should especially have your wallet organized! She should have had the cards in different spots. Folding money is good to tell bills apart. The cashier wishes her a happy birthday and in typical Murphy fashion, Murphy sarcastically responds that this birthday will be her best one yet. Back at Murphy’s apartment, she drinks wine as Dean knocks on her door. He comes in, making small talk and letting her know about some mail. He asks if she is okay, and Murphy explains that Max is gone and Jess moved out. Dean mentions that since Murphy can’t see, she might not know how gross her apartment is but that he has a birthday present for her. Murphy comments there’s no need to wrap a gift for a blind person. Girl! Are you crazy?! Okay, yes, but blind people also happen to like wrapped gifts. Dean gives her a color identification device for her birthday because Chloe loves hers. I liked how they showed the way the device told Murphy her shirt was brown. Murphy doesn’t seem to appreciate it, but says she does, and says how she wants to forget her birthday.


Next, we move to Guiding Hope celebrating her birthday. Jess and Murphy take an updated photo and Murphy wants her dad to stop taking pictures.  Her party is quick because Felix tells them they can eat at their desk. Jess and Murphy take a birthday photo because Murphy’s dad won’t stop asking them to if they don’t. Murphy and Jess make small talk. Jess wishes her a happy birthday and says she’s not going to bail on work with Murphy. We move to prison with Darnell and Jules. Jules has been removed from the case. Jules tells Darnell that his DNA was in the car where Tyson was killed. Darnell tells Jules to talk to Murphy. Jules meets with Murphy and takes her phone. Murphy meets Chelsea at the bar and explains to Chelsea about her last visual memory of Jess stumbling over to her on roller-skates. She tells Chelsea that she has stopped seeing visual memories a few months ago because her brain can’t make visual images anymore. This was interesting. I’ve heard people who have lost their sight say they still remember what things look like. Chelsea tells Murphy that is a really depressing thing to go through on her birthday. She tells Murphy Dean is in love with her and tells her he is one of the good guys. Murphy doesn’t believe that Dean has feelings towards her. She tells Chelsea that she will find a great guy and Chelsea tells Murphy to stop being nice to her because it freaks her out. Felix tells Jess that it might be a good thing that she left Murphy alone on her birthday because she’s feeling bad about it. Jess gets a call from Vanessa and freaks out. She keeps asking Felix what it might mean. She and Felix think it could be nothing but Felix says it could be something. Back at the bar, Nia sits next to Murphy. She tells Murphy that her dog is cute, but Murphy doesn’t recognize Nia’s voice. Nia tells her she wouldn’t have any of her people hurt Tyson. She says her business is having problems, so she never wants to hear Murphy’s name again. Jules meets Murphy at her apartment and tells her that an IP address was traced to China, and they found this person was at a coffee shop. Cut to Felix and Jess entering the bar and then making their way outside. Vanessa is in the bar. Felix can see that Vanessa is inside with another woman. Felix awkwardly tells Jess that Vanessa is with a hot girl but the fact that she is at Jess’s bar is manipulative, and that Vanessa needs to stop playing games with Jess. Vanessa introduces Jess to the girl she’s with. She explains to Jess that she called her because she removed her from her favorites and accidently clicked on her name. Ouch! Poor Jess! She tells Jess that she came to the bar to get her credit card that she left at the bar when she found out Jess cheated on her.


Jules and Murphy make their way to the coffee shop and Jules describes it to Murphy. This was so great! I love that they showed the importance of making a blind person aware of their surroundings. Jules explains to a guy, who they learn is the supervisor, they’re wanting a log of someone using a laptop there. The guy is completely clueless and can’t wrap his head around why they would want information on someone who was there months ago. Murphy tells Jules that Nia came to see her and that she said she didn’t have anything to do with Tyson’s death. Later, Murphy ends up at the playground with Tyson’s mom, Ronda. Murphy tells Ronda that she can’t move on because she doesn’t know what happened to her son. Ronda says Murphy might know but can’t accept it. Ronda explains to Murphy that Jules has been covering for Darnell since they were teenagers because she’s always had a thing for him. Murphy is mad, thinking Jules lied to her. Ronda tells Murphy she loves that she loved Tyson. She tells her to quit smoking and what she’s doing isn’t going to bring him back. Murphy is later at Deans house. He makes dinner and she doesn’t like what he made. She tells Dean that she’s not there to talk about Tyson. She tells him she can’t go home because Jess wasn’t there. Murphy tells Dean she doesn’t remember ever having a happy birthday. Dean brings Murphy and Chloe to the roller rink because Murphy tells him to treat Chloe the same as someone with sight. They meet Jess, Felix, and Murphy’s parents there. Jess grabs onto Murphy, as they fall and laugh. They hug. While I can certainly see why Jess took a break from her, I’m glad they are back together. Murphy flashes back to teenage Jess at the rink. Jess tells Murphy that she packed her bag and will move back in with her. We then see Murphy talking with Dean. He tells her Chelsea isn’t wrong about liking her because he’s crazy about her. Dean leaves for a work call and Murphy convinces him to leave Chloe with her and Jess. Cut to Jules watching a parking garage. She sees Nia outside the garage. Someone approaches Nia but Jules can only see his shoes and a gun holster attached to his shoe. Jules tells Darnell she saw someone meet with Nia and about the gun holster. She thinks Darnell is being framed by a cop.


Now let’s move on and talk about episode 13. Dean enters Nia’s house. He asks her about a shooting and wanted to know about her rivals. She changes the conversation to ask about his family. She talks about her nephew having bone cancer and how much Chloe’s surgery costs. If she wasn’t guilty, she wouldn’t keep side stepping. Flashback to Murphy and Dean laughing. She tells him he was the only silver lining of the year. At Guiding Hope, Murphy tells Jess she wants to take it slow with Dean. Felix is mad that he’s the only one working. Jules meets Dean in the police station and observes the same holster. They leave and talk outside. She tells Dean that she saw Nia talking to a cop and saw his holster. Dean seems surprised. She tells him Darnell was framed by a cop. She wonders if the cop is covering for himself. Dean seems nervous saying Chloe has a half day and they can get lunch on him. Again, if he wasn’t guilty, he wouldn’t be acting this way. This makes it obvious Dean did something. Felix meets Jess and Murphy in the break room and tells them he has to close the school. He inherited 75 thousand dollars in debt. Jules talks to Chloe at the station. Chloe tells her they went roller skating. Dean wants to know why they’re talking about skating. Darnell calls Guiding Hope. He explains he was framed by a cop working for Nia and that’s how the DNA was planted in the car. Murphy won’t help him because she knows Tyson and not Darnell. Darnell says he sent her a letter but she never got it. Clearly, when Dean mentioned mail to Murphy, he obviously took it. But, when Murphy questions him about it, he tells her he didn’t see it. Dean tells her someone who is guilty will convince someone they didn’t do it. That’s exactly what you’re doing, Dean. Dean tracks Jules computer and is worried she’s at the roller rink. Cut to him meeting with Nia. He seems nervous and tells her someone is coming for her. He is uneasy about telling her it is Jules. He says he is looking out for her because if he did, she would help pay for Chloe’s surgery.


Cut to Felix at the apartment with Jess telling her how horrible he feels about closing Guiding Hope. Jess tells Felix she knows where they can get money. Cut to Dean and Murphy in the car singing because they went away for the weekend. Jess and Felix take his van to the lake. Jess sees Max’s truck and tells Felix Max hid one hundred thousand dollars because he’s a launderer for a drug dealer’s money. She didn’t tell Felix right away because she knew he wouldn’t be comfortable stealing money. They decide they could make small donations to the school with it and they decide they are in on taking the money. While Murphy waited in the car for Dean to come back with their food, she gets a call from Jules. She wants to know where Dean said he was going the night he was at the roller rink. Murphy tells Jules Dean said he was going to help her with something and Jules is in disbelief because he never helped her with anything. Then one of Nia’s people puts a gas mask over Jules nose and a gun to her neck. They inject Jules. Jess and Felix find the money in a well. Meanwhile, Vincent, another of Nia’s workers, tells Nia over the phone what is going on. They don’t know they were discovered. Cut to the rental, where Dean and Murphy are smoking and drinking. After hooking up, Murphy gets Dean to confess he killed Tyson. We learn that Tyson was dealing and Dean lets him out of jail earlier than he should have been. Tyson tells Dean Wesley is going to kill him and Dean tells Tyson no one can know he worked for Nia. Tyson says if Dean doesn’t help him, he will tell everyone about Dean. Dean strangles Tyson, and Murphy finds him. Dean shoots him and puts him in the trunk of a car. He tells Murphy he did all this because Nia helped cover Chloe’s medical expenses. What?????!!!!!!! Anyone in their right mind knows there’s no excuse for killing someone.She tells Dean she knows he kept Darnell’s letter from her. She tells him that the smoke from his cigar is the same smell she smelled when Tyson was killed. She figures out that Dean used Tyson’s phone at the coffee shop that came up when Jules searched the text messages on Murphy’s phone. Murphy records the conversation and uploads it to the cloud. You can hear the voice on her phone saying the recording had stopped. She tries jumping out of a window and Dean catches her. Once in the car, not knowing the recording had been uploaded, Dean deletes all the recordings on Murphy’s phone. They beat each other up and go back and forth about being upset about his death and being recorded. They end up in an accident, with the car going over a guardrail. Once in the hospital, Murphy tells Dean she’s going to talk about all the good things she remembers about Tyson and tells him everything she recorded was uploaded to the cloud. Nia visits her hospital room and tells her that Felix and Jess stole money. She says she doesn’t want them to pay her back but wants them to deal for her. Murphy is left confused about the key she was given.


Thanks for reading this entire post!!!

Until my next one,

Miranda ❤

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    1. Hey Amanda! The only place I found in the last two episodes of season one was on Netflix. As far as the CW app, they have episodes except the first one because they only let you stream it for a little while before it gets deleted. Season two is not on Netflix yet.


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