Have You Signed These Petitions and Sent An Email Yet?

Hi Friends,

Have you signed these petitions telling people that you are adding your voice in demanding #JusticeForAhmaudArbery and #GeorgeFloyd yet? If you haven’t sent an email to the Minneapolis police department yet adding your voice to the conversation, you can find a link with how you can do that below. While it is great all four former officers are being charged in George Floyd’s murder, it was shared in today’s press conference that evidence is still being collected in Floyd’s case. I think it is important that people sign these petitions and email the police department demanding justice even with today’s news because we need to tell them that these former officers should be prosecuted at the highest level possible.

You can find links to the petitions below.




As I said above, you can send an email to the Minneapolis police department demanding that justice be served here.



Let’s all do our part in using our voice and platforms to speak up about the things that matter. Racism needs to change and let’s do our part to show people we will not tolerate it.

Miranda ❤

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