Petitions That Need Your Signature! Please Share All the Links In This!

Hey friends,

As you can probably tell, with everything going on lately, I have put my “In the Dark” and Perkins posts on hold. It might be harder for me to write about the show now since the CW deletes episodes shortly after they were put up for streaming, but there are more important things I need to be writing about.

While I cannot go to rallies in person, I am with everyone protesting peacefully in spirit. I want to tell disabled people that even though we may not be able to go to rallies, we can still show that #BlackLivesMatter to us in other ways. Educate yourself. Talk to people. Read about what black people are facing and remember what you learned as a kid about how horribly they were treated? Think about that and make yourself part of the conversation that shows through your actions you are helping to end racism. I am posting a few more petitions below and please join me in signing and sharing them.

Also, see

Read about another here.

Here’s a way you can donate (if you can, and if not, share, share, share!) and help Color Of Change help black people register to vote and get the information they need about voting where they live. Voting is important to all of us isn’t it? Voting is more important now than it has ever been.

Please share this post with everyone you know in life and on social media!


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