Important Resources

Hi friends!

Can you believe it’s October already?

Part of this post is more for those living in my state but the other link I’m going to share is important for everyone. Let’s start with the Rhode Island one first. If you are not familiar with In-Sight, they offer great services and workshops for blind and visually impaired people throughout Rhode Island. You can learn about In-Sight here. (This is not sponsored by the way, they really are wonderful).

Recently they held a workshop on voting information for those of us who are blind or visually impaired. It’s absolutely worth your time. Give it a listen here.

While all of this is important information, among the many great topics surrounding voting, they talk about how for those people who have difficulty signing their name, they would like you to put an x rather than use your signature stamp because the signature on your stamp may look different than the signature they have on file. All of the information in the above link is especially important to pass along to anyone you know who is blind or visually impaired because this election is more important than ever. No matter how you do it, vote, vote, vote!

Moving on…Recently one of my favorite women on YouTube, Lauren Lipman, (Her Taylor Swift videos are pretty great) posted about her experience with Corona Virus. She was very descriptive in the whole process and I felt it important to pass along in case God for bid you know anyone who might need it. No matter what, let it serve as a reminder how important it is to be safe, whatever that looks like for you.

Watch Lauren’s story here.

Stay safe, stay healthy, WEAR YOUR MASK (in caps for my blind friends) and MAKE SURE YOU VOTE!!! MAIL-IN BALLOTS REALLY DO COUNT. (Again, in caps).

My best to you,

Miranda ❤

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