Read This Article Kaylan Wrote About Me

Hi Friends,

I hope this post finds you all healthy. I know it’s not throwback Thursday, but I wanted to share this article my dear friend, Kaylan, wrote about her experience working with me during my final semester of college.

I believe it’s so important to surround ourselves with strong friends who bring out the best of us, and I’m thankful that Kaylan is now in my closest circle. People didn’t like that I used readers in college, but you have to do what works for you. For me, that consisted of assistive technology with readers mixed in. I hope you learn something. I hope that you learn disability or not, we all deserve equal opportunities. If you’re friends with (or are becoming friends with) a person with a disability, I hope you’ll get to a place where you won’t feel ashamed or weird about it.

Thank you, Kaylan, for this kind piece. Oh, and for talking about faces I make I’m not always aware of. Ha-ha.

Wear your mask and stay well,

Miranda ❤

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