Exposing Donald Trump: Fake News Not Included!


Hello, I hope this finds you healthy. This post is without a doubt one of the most important posts you will ever read from me. Disclaimer: The facts I have compiled here are meant as evidence of what’s been said but unfortunately and sadly covid cases change daily so the numbers will look different. Some people might find this post lengthy, but break it up if you have to. Let me start out this post by saying that this post isn’t meant to tell you who to vote for, but rather to inform you and reach those undecided voters who are scared and have no clue what to do in exactly one week from today. I know there are a lot of resources here, but this isn’t meant to overwhelm you. I want to provide you with a list of resources so you can be informed and form your own opinion. Whether you vote Democrat or Republican, you can be educated and aware when you cast your vote. Once you see and hear something, you can’t unsee or unhear it. Let me also say just because someone isn’t on the same side of the aisle doesn’t mean they are bad people. I can think of plenty of people I care about and we don’t agree on politics. As a country, we are so divided. We need to stop this idea of, “You’re not on the same side of the aisle as me, don’t talk to me!” I believe we can have relationships with people who have different political views, but I absolutely will never say or believe we should be horrible to each other. One of my best friends and I have a rule that says, “Our friendship wasn’t built on politics”. I hope you’ll use that with your friends, too.

Using Editing To Make False Claims

As I said, this post is for the people who have no idea who to vote for. I’ve heard it said that people who believe Trump should be reelected tell those who don’t believe Trump is fit for office that certain news stations only put out what they want. This post will have a few sources, CNN included, but to the undecided voter, (Is that you?) I would say that through evidence, I’m going to show you that Democrats don’t always throw CNN in people’s faces. Every topic discussed here is important, but is in no particular order of importance. We have a lot to cover, so let’s begin by taking a look at a campaign add Donald Trump’s team put together where they have used editing to make Anthony Fauci say something he didn’t. We all know commercials, campaign ones or otherwise, are edited and put together, but not everybody knows how editing works, so let me tell you. I took two audio courses my senior year of college where we used a program called Pro Tools. We had to edit everything from field recordings we created of certain sounds, to speeches, to music mixes. One of our assignments was to take something someone said and rearrange what they said to have them say something they never said. Take a look at this article that shows you how you can use editing to rearrange audio. You don’t need to know how to use Pro Tools to understand this. What you need to take away from this is that this article guides you through how to rearrange audio to make it something it isn’t.

Here are some clips of what Fauci actually said and what Donald Trump’s add says he said.

Take a look at this.

I am showing a few sources so you see it from a few outlets. Despite what Trump says, Covid actually isn’t going away. Watch this.

As you’ll see, the virus isn’t actually going away. In fact, as you’ll see in this video with Bob Woodward, Trump knew about the virus and lied to the American public about it. Watch this.

This interview with Bob Woodward is also a must watch.

Watch that interview because Woodward clarifies why he waited to tell the public that Trump knew about the virus and chose to play it down.

 Finally, watch this.

Next, let’s talk about racism. I don’t want to take away from African Americans who are the real experts unfortunately, tragically living out this issue every day. If you don’t see that racism is a problem in 2020, you are blind. If you can’t see racism as its own crisis, something is wrong. Watch this video where Biden explains, “the talk”. In 2020 parents shouldn’t be having “the talk” but this is the sad reality people are living each day. Donald Trump doesn’t understand racism.

We need to talk about the fact (yes facts folks, not my opinion) that Donald Trump claimed at the last debate that he was the least racist person in the room, yet he won’t condemn white supremacy. How is that okay? Why am I telling you this? Because facts show that when Donald Trump talks about racism and the virus, he gives people lip service. If you really listen to what he is saying, he tells his supporters what they want to hear and doesn’t speak in the reality the rest of us are living in. Look here from a few months ago where Trump said the virus would go away. Here we are, in October, and cases are climbing again.

Not only does he think the virus is going away, he actually called CNN “Dumb bastards” for still reporting on the pandemic. Does that sound like a good leader to you? Again, if you do your homework, you’ll quickly learn that when Donald Trump doesn’t like something, he calls it fake news. Listen to exactly what he says about CNN actually keeping Americans informed about the harsh reality for so many people.

Getting back to racism, watch this video where Trump tells the Proud Boys to “Stand back and stand by”.

Do you want someone saying something like that running your country? Here’s more evidence of Trump’s lip service.

How can you say the above comments and then claim you aren’t racist? I’m not asking to argue. I’m here to pose questions to make people think. We should be able to raise questions to make people think without jumping on one another’s politics. Why is it okay for a president to make fun of wearing a mask when we know it saves lives? Take a look at the so-called leader of our country making fun of Joe Biden for wearing masks.

How does Trump’s behavior teach our children bullying isn’t okay? Why is it more important to confirm a judge to the supreme court than it is to work out another stimulus deal when so many Americans are struggling? If the White House had nothing to hide, why wouldn’t they say when Donald Trump’s last negative test was?

Trump’s Behavior and Leadership Don’t Align

Moving on to my final points, let’s talk about the fact that Donald Trump’s doctor lied to the American public about Trump’s health when he was hospitalized. One might argue HIPAA, but HIPAA aside, this is the president of the United States. The public has the right to know if the person running their country is fit for the job. Watch the president’s doctor admit that he lied about the president’s oxygen.

We need to address another issue in this as well. Remember those videos above with Bob Woodward where Trump said he knew about the virus and played it down? In this video where his doctor admits he lied about Trump’s oxygen, Donald Trump also left the hospital to visit his supporters. If Donald Trump were an every day American, more people would question his mental state. If you are that heavily medicated, on a medication known to alter your thinking, you shouldn’t be running a country. If he was treated like an every day American, he would have been kept in the hospital and watched because of his psychological behavior. If he wasn’t, someone wouldn’t be doing their job correctly. He knows how deadly this pandemic has been, and he gets in a car for a joy ride with Secret Service, who have to do what he says, putting them at risk which could then turn into risking their family. It doesn’t stop there. He still holds rallies. Take a look at this recent video of him meeting with supporters. Again, I might add, in the middle of a world crisis.

Lastly, we need to talk about Donald Trump’s gaslighting behavior. I’ve provided you with a few links to educate yourself. Read this.


This piece is a must watch.

See also


If you read this entire post and clicked on one thing or everything included here, no matter which way you vote, you know you can’t unsee or unhear the things mentioned here. Your vote matters this year more than ever. It’s up to you.

4 thoughts on “Exposing Donald Trump: Fake News Not Included!

  1. Hey Miranda, thanks for your post and the resources. Didn’t view all of the videos and didn’t view the link, but this information that you have compiled, it’s very interesting. I still don’t know what to believe. Or, what to think. Everything is just so, well, complicated. But, yes, I do think that even though everyone doesn’t agree on the same facts or sides of the political views, we should still be civil to each other. Also, the editing process, I know it’s very complicated. And I bet, in this day and age you can do some pretty scary things with editing not only audio, but with footage.


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