A Video You Absolutely Need to Watch

Hi all,

I am aware that everyone comes here for different reasons. Some of you come for “In the Dark”, some for my disability related posts, and some of you come for my political ones. I was thinking just today about a conversation I had over breakfast a few years back with a dear friends mom. When I was just starting out, she suggested that I don’t just talk all about blindness related things, but that I also give my opinion on politics. This is such an important piece of advice because people need to know that while more needs to be done to get more disabled people to vote, people with disabilities do in fact have political opinions. Big or small, I need to use the platform God gave me for good and to let people know that disabled people deserve a spot at the political table, even if we are on different sides of the aisle. Whether we agree or not on politics, I hope this post inspires someone with a disability (blindness or otherwise) to educate yourself and learn that your vote does matter.

Now for the video I believe everyone needs to see. This was live by the way, not edited footage. Take a look at this video from a former Trump campaign official, Jessica Denson.

We need to address a couple of things here. First things first. As believers, we should be thanking God for sister Jessica. She mentions how she was one of few women to speak out about how horrible she was disrespected as a woman and how brainwashed she was by conservative media. She acknowledges she received a direct message from God, asks for forgiveness and explains how she believed Donald Trump would actually help the American people, among other things such as the lies Trump is associated with. We should pray for the people who can’t speak out and that in Jesus name they find strength to do so. Let’s pray they are blessed tenfold.

Let’s move on to something we must talk about. Notice in this video how Trump is talking about getting women’s husbands back to work. Does he think he deserves a sticker, or a gold star or an extra slice of pie? Let’s be clear for both sides of the aisle. Yes, that means you too in the back not sure who the heck to vote for! As president of the United States, it is their responsibility, (right now Donald Trump,) to make sure the people of this country have their needs being met. So no, Donald Trump, you do not deserve a sticker, or a gold star, or an extra piece of pie for being so kind. Don’t get people’s rights mixed up with being a kind person and making everyone like you. I’ll say it one more time. The president of the United States should be making sure people’s rights are being met and not going around talking about how they’re getting women’s husbands back to work. One of my blunter posts perhaps, but honesty doesn’t always look pretty.

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