Donald Trump Says Masks Are Political. They’re not.


I hope this post finds you healthy. Can you believe it’s already the end of October? We got snow today! Tomorrow I’ll be taking a political break for a blindness related post. Tuesdays post wasn’t an opinion post,

 but now I’m using my platform to share my thoughts, much like people on the other side of the aisle have the same right to tell everyone why they’re red rather than blue. I can’t go door knocking and talk to voters, but I can blog. I went door knocking back when my friend was running for office and it was such a great experience. If you get involved with politics and get the opportunity to meet with voters face-to-face, do it. Sure, like with anything, not everyone is going to be friendly. Many people are though and there’s something about connecting with people.

 Donald Trump says masks are political. They’re not. If you talk to Trump supporters, they speak all about how Fox is the only reliable source. Trump typically likes Fox too, but it turns out, Trump also has issues with Fox. Why? Because Donald Trump doesn’t like anything unless it makes him look like he’s the greatest person walking planet earth. Read this article where Chris Wallace, a Fox reporter, calls out Trump’s family for not following the mask rule at the first debate. If you can call it that. Train wreck is more like it.

Donald Trump doesn’t want us talking about this, but we have to. Donald Trump and apparently his family don’t think following the rules applies to them.

Read this article where Donald Trump makes fun of a Fox news reporter for wearing a mask.

 Have you noticed Donald Trump makes fun of whatever doesn’t serve his personal agenda?

Donald Trump wants you to believe the lie that masks are political. The truth is they’re not. Who calls themselves a leader and says these things. Even Chris Wallace at Fox news, Trumps favorite news station, (unless they say something he doesn’t like,!) tells people to wear a mask.

This has gone on for months now. See also

However you’re doing it this year, vote, vote, vote! Despite what Donald Trump says, mail-in ballots actually do count.

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump Says Masks Are Political. They’re not.

  1. Hey Miranda, I have liked your posts that I have read so far. This is the second one that I have read, in addition to the one that you talked about Donald Trump in and how he is gaslighting know that. I like to hear what you have to say. Masks are not political, they are for safety purposes. There is safe for the person that possibly could have the virus, or for people that do not have the virus. I did not vote this year. As a matter of fact, I have never voted. It’s not because I don’t care who is leading this country, I just find the whole political thing just very complicated. There’s just so much to process, and it all just moves way too quickly.

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    1. Hey Kait, You’re absolutely right about masks. Thanks for sharing your interesting and inspiring thoughts. If you like any of my earlier posts, let me know which ones. =) Have a great day. ❤


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