CNN Reporter Receives Three Racist Attacks In One Hour


As we all know, racism is still a huge problem in 2020. I saw this story yesterday about a CNN reporter, Amara Walker, who received three racist attacks in one hour. Watch and share this video. Racism hasn’t ever been okay and it especially shouldn’t be happening in 2020. In this video, Walker talks about how a man came up to her and said a racial slur to her in Chinese, another man came up to her and asked if she spoke English, and finally, she talked about how the police officer said how asking if she spoke English wasn’t racist.

If you read yesterdays post about letting the blind person decide what’s offensive and what isn’t, the same applies here. If someone feels offended and they’re living racism every day, let them speak for themselves. If you’re human, of course you find racism offensive, but I’m saying in the situation with the officer, she lives it every day. He doesn’t, so he can’t say what’s racist and what isn’t. The writing is on the wall. Donald Trump doesn’t condemn racism and racism is never okay. Share Amara’s story. Please. Because if it happened to Amara one too many times, it’s happening to someone else.,

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