Trump Supporters Try Running Biden Campaign Buss Off the Road


Well here we are, the night before election day. Once the election is over my political posts won’t be as frequent and I’ll go back to blogging about other topics. I thought I would mention that for those of you who don’t come here for my political posts. That said, we absolutely must talk about the danger of the way Donald Trump has trained his supporters, aka the Trump train, (colt following really). Trump supporters purposefully tried to run a Biden campaign bus off the road. I’ll show what happened from a few sources so you can see for yourself. This is not just a blue opinion here. This is facts. You can’t make this stuff up folks.

Read this.

Read also

I’m used to Donald Trump’s horrible behavior. And yet, I still find myself saying, “Did that really just happen?” He sees nothing wrong with what his supporters did and says he loves Texas? He even calls them patriots! What? It’s one thing to have a different opinion. It’s another to be terrible to people. Read this article and watch the video below. Obama has done som amazing campaigning lately. If you do your research, or have been paying attention, you will know what Obama has been saying has been true. While thisvideo is long, it’s worth taking the time to watch.

Voter intimidation is illegal. Here, don’t just take my word for it. Read about it right here.

Get out and vote tomorrow if you haven’t already voted.

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