Get Out and Vote Today!


Election day is finally here. If you haven’t already, make sure you get out and vote today! I have put together a couple of videos that I think are really important and worth your watch. Not because I’m pushing my blue opinion on you, but because like I said in another post, you can’t make this stuff up. Trump lies and once you know, you know. Do your own research. He also encourages his Trumper’s to be violent towards people. In typical Trump fashion, when something doesn’t go his way, he doesn’t like it. He threatened the governor of Pennsylvania and said he’ll be watching other governors too. Why did he do this? Because the governor of Pennsylvania said all ballots should be counted and Donald Trump doesn’t think so because he wants results tonight. Watch this informative piece from last night. Trump says if you’re not voting for him to stay home. As you’ll see in this video, this man has no humility. A humble person would say all votes count. A humble person would respect every voter, red or blue. Not to mention, his cheating claim is outrageous and his threatening behavior is just wrong. If you’re human, you know it is.

Watch this. Pay close attention to what Trump says. This piece makes some other great points as well if you know the truth. If you happen to dislike what’s said, I’ll say what I said before. You are welcome to your opinion, but you can’t make this up. Donald Trump wants you to believe truth equals fake news. The truth equals real news. Once you know, you know.

 Every voter, whether they are a red or blue voter, deserves to have their ballot counted. Counting ballots isn’t a mistake. It’s just that Donald Trump doesn’t like it. Also, we’re in a pandemic and you want to be proud of how big your crowds are? Trump loves the attention. The final stop on Trump’s superspreader tour includes supporters at the White House. Another video worth watching is this one.

People have to take precautions because Donald Trump has trained his supporters that violence is okay. Why do people find that okay? Not to mention what Trump says is disturbing. Every vote matters and deserves to be counted. And that includes yours.

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