Hope for the Broken Is a Must Read

Hi friends,

It’s been a while, but I hope and pray you are all healthy. Today I need to tell you about a book you absolutely need to be reading. Today my friend, Beckie, released her amazing book entitled Hope for the Broken. I was blessed to read an early preview and I haven’t been moved by a book like this in a very long time. Hope for the Broken is one of those books that stays with you no matter how long ago you read it. Rebecca takes you on her journey of struggling through school and all the people who helped her along the way. Most importantly, you see the way God helped her realize that rather than being a music teacher, she was meant to be a preacher. Rebecca provides you with scriptures, personal journal entries, and prayers you can use in your own life. She also provides you with exercises for you to do some of your own writing. The best books in my opinion are the ones that make you feel something. In this book, I cried reading about Rebecca’s music professor, but I also praised God for all his amazing work, the work only our God can do. Hope for the Broken is that book that should reach the smallest village and the biggest city. Once you read it you’ll know why. Get yourself a copy and get your friend a copy. Once you read it, let me know your thoughts by leaving me a comment or find me on social media. My Twitter is mirandaloakley. You can check out format options here.

Happy release day, Beckie. Your book is such a blessing.

Miranda ❤

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