My Thoughts On In the Dark Episode 11

Happy August! I can’t believe it’s the end of the month already. Anyone else feel like this summer went quickly? I’d like to take a second to thank everyone who reads my blog, from the readers, to the followers, to the people who leave me comments. I haven’t blogged in a little while and my views are still great! Thank you God and thank you to all of you. Part of the reason these posts have taken me so long is because I’ve had to watch the episodes a few times because they’ve been wicked visual. Believe it or not, the CW Apps are not that great either. Funny right? I mean the show is about a blind woman.


Episode eleven opens with Murphy and Pretzel making their way across the lake. Pretzel wakes her up by licking her face because their boat hit the riverbank. We see clips of her with Tyson and he asks her if she ever gets lonely. She tells him she isn’t lonely when she is by herself but she feels lonely when she is with people. I think this is something we as blind people (or anyone who is different for that matter) can relate to, am I right? I know for me, I understand the feeling of being around tons of  people but feeling like you’re the only one because people choose not to talk to you.


We go back to Murphy struggling to make her way to the road where she can get help back to Guiding Hope. Murphy, realizing she is in mud, gets out of the boat but her shoe gets stuck so she falls. She is seen yelling for help and keeps walking through the woods with one shoe. Anyone still upset that Max left Murphy without a phone, in a place she has no clue about? Murphy talks to herself, expressing that she’s upset at Max for throwing her phone out the window. I mean if it were me, I would say, “Damn it Max!” too. She tells Pretzel it is times like these that make her wonder why he signed up to be a guide dog. She tells Pretzel he could have been chasing squirrels and that if anything happens to her as she makes her way towards the road, he can eat her. Something we should talk about is the fact that she doesn’t ever listen to him. Girl, when your dog won’t go forward like you ask, obviously there’s a reason. For anyone wondering, here’s a little lesson for you. When guide dogs do not perform commands, it is for the safety of their owner. They are taught by the school when and when not to listen to commands. Murphy ends up finding a sign which makes her think they are at the road. Because the sign was not brailled and she had no phone with any Apps to read for her, she has no idea that the sign is for hunting. Murphy, hearing a gun go off, runs with Pretzel and ends up falling down a hill.


She makes her way to a trail that lead to the road. Cars pass by and she yells again for assistance but no one stops. Murphy ends up yelling, “I hope you crash!” Girl! Karma is real! Have you heard of it? Eventually she catches the attention of a school bus with kids singing about Jesus.


Murphy makes her way to Guiding Hope, finds Jess and tells her she should think about re-evaluating her relationship with Jesus. Girl, I definitely think you should. We cut to Felix who tells Murphy and Jess to act like adults that day because his mother had a guy (I think a lawyer but someone correct me if he plays someone else.) watching him to see if Guiding Hope was a good investment with his trust fund. In typical Felix fashion, nothing goes his way. Poor guy. Sarah, the detective, shows up and asks to speak with Murphy. She tells Murphy that they can protect Max if he comes back and that she needs to do what she can to have Max come home. She tells Murphy that if she doesn’t get Max to come home, Nia will walk around as a free woman. Felix tells Murphy that Max cannot call the work number and that he is alive, and she should not go looking for him. Of course Murphy being Murphy, doesn’t take no for an answer. Anyone surprised? Jess looks through call logs at work, does a search and finds Max’s ex-girlfriend, Jenny’s, number. Murphy ends up convincing Jess to drive her to the ex-girlfriend’s house. Jess explains to Murphy that she hasn’t driven since Wesley’s death and ends up having a panic attack. Murphy, in typical Murphy fashion, isn’t sensitive to her friend’s feelings. This is really sad because of everything Jess does for Murphy, and Murphy is fine with Jess always giving to her and her giving nothing in return.


Felix ends up talking to a woman about getting puppies, but she isn’t comfortable giving them to him because he has a car rather than the Guiding Hope van. He ends up telling the lawyer that he gave Murphy and Jess permission to borrow the van for the day when in reality they stole it to fulfill Murphy’s wishes. The lawyer ends up questioning Felix about his time with Jess and Felix explains that he didn’t force himself on Jess. Poor Felix! This was not okay to talk to Felix about his night with Jess. This is wrong in my opinion because it had nothing to do with Felix’s ability to invest in the guide dog school. Murphy makes fun of Jess for her time with Felix and Jess tells her he isn’t as bad as she thinks he is. She tells Murphy that when she is with Felix, they are doing anything but thinking about Tyson’s death. Jess has been through quite a lot so I can completely see her needing and wanting to spend time with Felix. It’s always good to have that friend who keeps things light when things feel a little too heavy.


This episode also focuses on Jules and her love for Darnell. If this post is all over the place it is because parts of this episode confused me and I watched it without any audio description. Jules tells Dean that she has known Darnell since they were fourteen and that they had been dating for most of that time. She ends up telling Dean she arrested Darnell because she panicked, she was taken off the case and that she was placed on desk duty. She apologizes to Sara for her actions with Darnell and ends up looking through evidence even though she is no longer on the case. She finds out that Darnell is linked to the dental floss that was in the evidence locker and ends up talking with a guy who was there when the gun that was used to kill Tyson was found. Because she is no longer working on the case, she can only talk with Dean about the information she has. She shares with Dean that she believes someone is framing Darnell and that she doesn’t believe he killed Tyson because Darnell was with her the night of Tyson’s death.


Once at Jenny’s house, they talk over food and beer. Jenny tells Murphy Max stayed at her house the night before but she doesn’t think he will be coming back. She said Max is the type of guy who is with girls who he thinks he can fix. She says that Murphy is an addict, (alcoholic) is hot, and tells her about how Max’s mother died from drinking herself to death. She told Murphy and Jess about how Max was the only one in his family to try and help his mom deal with and stop her drinking problem. How sad. Murphy doesn’t want to look stupid in front of Jenny so she plays along, acting as though she knew about the passing of Max’s mom. Jess expresses to Murphy that they should leave because she is uncomfortable and again, Murphy brushes her off. I don’t like that she treats Jess this way.


Felix calls Murphy flipping out that she and Jess stole the work van. Can you really blame him? Murphy and Jess are at a bar and find Max. Max and Murphy hug and leave Jess so they can talk in the van. This turns into quite the emotional conversation because Murphy and Max realize they won’t see each other again. Felix pressed charges on Jess and Murphy for the stolen van and I don’t blame him. Murphy tells the police that she just met Max in order to protect him. Jess freaks out and the police arrest her and Murphy. When they are in jail, Jess tells Murphy that she needs to cut her out of her life because she has been enabling her. She expresses to Murphy that she thinks she is an addict over Tyson’s death. Felix ends up dropping the charges and doesn’t know what to do now that his mother cut him off and he can no longer own Guiding Hope. Jess is at Felix’s apartment while Murphy is at her apartment with Pretzel, sleeping in Jess’s bed. I think it is sad that Jess cut Murphy out since they’ve been friends for so long, but I completely see why she did. I would too if I were Jess.

The episode ends with Nia, who has left prison and is now a free woman.


I would like to thank Dianna, from Dianna with two N’s, (her channel and a link to one of her videos is below,) for helping me with the visuals of this episode. She has great videos so everybody go check her out.


 Thanks for reading. Is there anything I should blog about? Let me know. Find me on Twitter at mirandaloakley, on Facebook at Miranda Oakley or leave me a comment on my website. If you find me on Facebook, all I ask is that you please send me a message telling me who you are and how you found me. Thanks.

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Summer Photos

Hi friends!

I’m out door knocking today but wanted to share some photos of the summer. For my blind friends: photos include my nephew and I at the pond playing catch, my twin and I at a Billy Gilman concert and my twin and I volunteering at Rhode Island’s first Hope Day (more about that in a future post), me in my cousin’s Ferrari, some photos from my time at Perkins when I was testing that career launch program. Ot includes a photo of me on the couch at Perkins, a photo of the Perkins radio number and a photo of the door to the radio studio. Fun fact- I’ve included a photo of a wooden carving that students used to use to identify their rooms. You can also see a special textured map from Perkins. There is also a photo of me speaking to a URI class. Check out my June 8 post to hear it. Finally, a photo of me with a paper plane on the beach. Hope you’re all staying cool today! Best, Miranda ❤️

An Interview With Helene Vincent

Hi everyone,

My good friend made the news! As some of you might know, I’m a supporter of the Vincent for Boston campaign. Helene and I have been good friends since we were very young. This means I know firsthand, that even as a child, Helene was passionate about causes she believed in. That passion is what drives her to this day to run for Boston City Council in District 8. I support Helene because she supports inclusion of people of all abilities, high quality education, as well as complete streets. Complete streets means safety for pedestrians and having a separate lane for bikes, for example. Check out Helene’s interview with Chris Lovett from BNN below.

To learn and read about the campaign, go to the link below.

If you are in District 8, vote for Helene Vincent on September 24, get involved and please help spread the word!

Let’s make change happen. Together.


My Thoughts On In the Dark Episode 10

I know, I know. I’m wicked behind  in these posts! These last couple of episodes are pretty visual so I’ve had to watch them multiple times to follow them so I could write about them. Episode ten opens with Jules and Darnell in the car talking about why she arrested him. Darnell, talking out loud, goes through everyone he knows who knows about the drug dealing going on. He figures out that Max was the one to share about the dealing. Jules explains to Darnell that the only way to get him out of the situation is for her to arrest him for killing Tyson on her own terms. You cannot do that! This is a pure example of Jules not being able to keep her feelings out of her work. This episode basically is the police trying to figure out how Darnell killed Tyson. If these last few posts are out of order it is because as I said, these last few episodes were quite visual with an awful lot happening.


Jess bags up Max’s stuff and tells Murphy to be mature and return it to him. I like how Jess calls it for what it is and acknowledges Murphy’s immature behavior. She ends up talking to Murphy about being sad because she and Vanessa were only broken up for a day. Murphy isn’t too sensitive to Jess which shouldn’t surprise us, but she really needs to work on that. Your friend is always there for you, you might want to think about returning that for your so called best friend. The episode shows Jess in the apartment talking to Vanessa about why it didn’t work between them and Jess tells her that while they had fun together, she needs someone she can do more than have fun with. They’re crying and Vanessa wishes she could give Jess more. This is such a tough scene. Breakups are so hard. In person it’s difficult because you’re with them but phone ones aren’t good either…So either way, they’re not easy, even if they’re for a good reason.


Murphy ends up at the bar, (are we surprised?) and meets this gay couple. They start petting her dog and asking about him. First of all, why didn’t she address guide dog rules? Probably because she was too wrapped up in herself. I have friends with guides and the basic guide dog 101 is you do not pet guides. If so, you absolutely ask first. If you are told no, respect that. If not, you are making things unsafe for the dog and handler. It might not look that way, but don’t distract the team please. Are we clear? Great. Murphy asks this couple to be her eyes and inform her about any cute guys around them. They bring her to a guy that she hooks up with.


Next I want to talk about Jess and Felix. I love Felix. For a second, for a minute, I thought Jess might be bi. Anyone else feel like Jess and Felix would have been good together? I love Jess but if she was straight I think they would go together well. Let’s back up. Jess is down in the dumps and spends time swiping on dating Apps. Who does she find but Vanessa! Felix tells her she’s starting to upset the dogs and the boss will look the other way, so she should take a vacation day. He ends up coming over with her favorite Indian food and tells her he is sad because she is sad. Aww. He’s a good one. The part of the scene where they are hanging out before they get physical reminded me of my old friend Peter a little bit. Jess cries and Felix thought it was because he brought her the wrong food, but it was because she found him really sweet. Felix tells her that she takes care of everyone so he came to take care of her. Felix’s visit reminded me a little bit of college when my friend at the time would come visit me. We were friends for years so he was there when I was happy and when I was in a horrible mood because URI really stressed me out. We would have food, watch Glee or go for drives and have the best conversations. Oh and sing so incredibly loudly even though we couldn’t sing. But sometimes you gotta do crazy things like that. Laughter really is the best. Oh and he used to like to make up silly lyrics and put my name in songs sometimes to be funny. Being an outcast in college, it always made me feel better having someone who grew up with me around to be my friend and let people see that blind people have sighted friends for real and not always for money.


Jess and Felix end up smoking pot and having a great time. They can be seen laughing and enjoying cookies. What I really like about Felix is that he asked Jess for her consent when they were making out. He wanted to know if it was the pot or if she was actually okay with what was going on. Good man. They come really close to hooking up but Jess freaks out, tells him she’s gay and starts crying. Felix is wicked nice about it, and they tell one another they love each other, but only in a friend way.


I’ll spend the rest of this post talking about Max. Watching this again to write about it made me feel all the feels all over again. Murphy goes to give Max his stuff while he is on a call talking about how he didn’t do the deal he was supposed to. He says he can’t do it anymore but is reminded why he stays involved in dealing. The thing is, yes you have to look after yourself, but if you really want out, find a way to make it happen. They make small talk that is anything but friendly and Max forces her and Pretzel into his truck. They end up trying to get away from one of Nia’s men who is after Max. Max makes Murphy text Jess that she’s with him and doing okay because he says Jess cannot come looking for her. After Murphy texts Jess she is talking to Max, he throws her phone out the window. Really? You threw her phone out the window! They end up running through the woods until Murphy tells him she is cold and cannot go any further. He finds a lake with a rowboat, messes up his shoulder, and they enter the boat. He teaches Murphy how to row them to the other side of the lake. Mind you, they don’t have a phone! He may be trying to protect them, but she is blind and somewhere she doesn’t know, without a phone. This is not a good situation. Max finds a cabin with a key so he breaks in. That’s crazy! They eat and Max asks how he can fix their relationship. He tells her he will do anything for her. Liar! If you did anything for her you would have given up dealing a long time ago! He tells her he has forgiven her for sleeping with another guy, for almost breaking his nose, and that she can’t act like nothing happened between them. He commented that she went with him and still hasn’t left him. Hello? You forced her to get in your truck! Also, if she left you, let’s remind you that she really wouldn’t know where to go anyway, so how could she leave you?! Max asks Murphy if she will run away with him and build a life with the stolen drug money he has. Are you crazy? Murphy certainly has quite a bit to work on, but you can’t really blame her for getting upset that Max lied to her about his dealing can you? I know I can’t.


Murphy makes the bed while Max takes a shower. She ends up sending him mixed messages because they end up hooking up. Max figures out that they were discovered so they hide in a boat shed. Max finds a loaded gun and Murphy is crying. She tells him that in case they die, she doesn’t really hate him. He promises her she will be okay and he won’t let her die. They end up running back to the rowboat and Max helps her and Pretzel in. He tells her to row away and that this is his problem, not hers. He pushes the boat and a gunshot can be heard. We’re not sure if Max shot it or if he was shot. I understand trying to protect Murphy and himself, but you left a blind woman by herself, with no phone, to row somewhere she has no clue how to get to?!!! I cannot believe that! He said if he went with her someone would find them. Let’s talk about this. You left her alone! In a rowboat! With no phone to find her way back to get help? How can she do that! What an ending to this episode. What do you guys think about this rowboat situation? Let me know. If she sees him again in season two, (she better!) he has some explaining to do.

Until my next post,

Miranda ❤


My Textbook Is Out Now!

Hi everybody!

I’m very happy to say the book I had the honor of being a part of entitled Social Justice and Putting Theory Into Practice in Schools and Communities is out now! What a crazy feeling it is to say that. Read about it here.

My professor and friend, Adam, wrote chapter 14 so check that out. I am chapter 17. There’s a seven in that which is no big deal for me or anything. Seriously though, I hope the right people find this book and my chapter is helpful. If you can get a copy, thank you! If not, please spread the word and share the above link.

Miranda ❤


Happy 4th!

Hey everybody!

I wanted to wish all of my followers in the states a happy 4th of July! To my followers around the world, I hope you’re having a happy Thursday! Enjoy the day and stay safe.

Miranda ❤ 🇺🇸 🌭🍔🌭🌎🎉🎆🎇🎇🎆

Thirty for Thirty

Happy Sunday!

Since today is my last day as a thirty-year-old, I thought I would make a post about thirty things life has taught me (in no order) so far. What better day to do it than the 30th! =)

Everything Happens for a Reason

I’m sure you’ve heard this a lot, but I believe this to be true. I believe everything we go through in life teaches us something. For me personally, I believe only God’s timing is perfect and he has a purpose for everything and everyone.

With True Friendship, distance doesn’t matter

A lot of my friends don’t live near me, and we all get busy, so we don’t see one another or talk to each other often. I’m blessed with a few friends where no matter how long it’s been since we’ve seen one another or last spoken, we pick up right where we left off.

Through Everything, Live.

 This is some of the best advice I have received from my good friend Chelsea in college. I believe it’s so important to live life and feel your way through the happy and unhappy moments.

Communication Is Key.

 To me, one of the most important things in life is communication. There’s something about putting what you need out on the table. This makes things better for everyone, whether that’s personally or professionally.

Balance Is Important

For me personally, I think having a balance between work and play is so important. As you will learn through my writing and speaking, the educational part of my life has been quite heavy. Growing up my good friend Helene and I would go on walks singing silly music and make crazy bagels. It’s so important to keep things light. Sometimes you gotta break the rules. ❤

There’s nothing like the Friendship of a Dog

My sister and I grew up with the best dogs, a black lab named Cody and a chocolate lab, Kaylee, “Kay” for short. Dogs don’t care what you look like, if you’re gay or straight, or if you have a disability. They are always there. Oh and you better have a snack for them. Cody and Kay helped me so much. If you can afford it, get a dog.

It’s Okay to Unplug Sometimes

Here we are at number seven. For those who don’t know, seven is my favorite number. In short, it always means good things for me when it randomly pops up. Technology is great, but sometimes unplugging for a little while is so important. Really, kids. Learn how to survive without your devices for just a little bit. I promise, you’ll be fine. It’s so crazy to think how even though it wasn’t that long ago, the world was so different when my sister and I grew up. Without cell phones! Give this post a like and a share if you remember cordless phones or those ones that plugged into a wall. Anyone?

It’s the Tough Stuff That Makes Us the Strongest

I’ve learned that some of the most difficult things in my life have made me a much stronger person. You will most likely only realize it once you come out the other side.

There’s nothing like the Ocean

Maybe it’s because I’m from the Ocean State, but I find being at the beach calming. Many blind people hate the texture of sand on their skin, myself included, but listening to the water and being there is still relaxing.

10 Always Say Thank You

It’s so important to thank people. We all like being appreciated don’t we? One of my friends, Jen, who always gives great advice once told me how important it is to ask people about themselves and thank them for their time and sharing whatever you learned from them. Invite them for coffee, lunch, whatever sounds good.

11 Kindness Really Does Matter

You know what they say right? “Kindness always wins,” and it’s so true. I’m not saying take excuses, but in life you’ll come to learn how important being kind to people really can be. Try it!

12 Give People the Benefit of the Doubt

We all have a story. Again, I’m not saying take excuses. We should try to figure out where people come from.

13 There’s a Song for Everything

I love so much music. Going to concerts is one of my favorite things. You have to be a concert lover to get this one, but there’s absolutely nothing like seeing your favorite bands or artists live. There’s a song for everything. Maybe it’s the English major in me, but I love me some good lyrics.

14 Full Circle Moments Are Real

Full circle moments really do happen. I cannot tell you how it feels to have become friends with my English professor. I never thought after having her in class she’d bring me back to the place she taught me so I could give a talk.

15 Dreams Really Can Become Reality

Okay, I know, this one sounds silly. But I always thought how crazy but great it would be to go back to URI one day and give a talk. And it happened! Crazy right?

16 Hard Work Really Does Pay off

There were so many times I wondered why I should stay in college. In fact, this is what many blind people think. It takes a lot of support and prayer to make it through. I can finally say graduation was worth everything. I’ll be published in a textbook coming out soon! It sounds so crazy to say, but soon enough, the story of my experiences in education as a blind scholar will be printed alongside so many other great chapters in a book.

17 Tell People When You Miss Them

This sounds a bit silly I’m sure, but life has taught me it is important to tell people how you feel. If you miss a friend, love your family, tell them. This is something I feel like people won’t understand quite the same as those of us who have come close to death. In short, part of my time in college taught me what really matters. That was way too heavy I know, but I thought it’s important to share.

18 Laughter Is So Important

I believe it’s important to have humor in life. I wouldn’t have survived college without it. Yes, blind jokes are actually okay, too.

19 Give God the Glory for Everything

This was a ways down my list, but make no mistake, this is important. I believe God is the reason for everything and we should always praise and thank him. If you can’t connect with this, I’d tell you to be grateful.

20 Thank God for Those People Who Shake Up Your Deck of Cards

If you have any experience with services as a person with a disability, or as someone advocating for them, you will learn pretty quickly that dealing with a system is a lot like playing a game. I like to call it a card game. You pick up on patterns and play accordingly. If you need something, you advocate for that need. People respond, or don’t respond, and you learn very quickly what to do next. Sometimes those people come along and shake up your cards. You realize that they don’t play the game you’ve played for so long. Just when you think you know what card to pull next, they knock them over and teach you a whole new way to play. You’ll learn those people are the best thing to happen to you.

21 There’s Nothing Lilacs and Vanilla Won’t Fix

Some of my favorite scents include vanilla and Lilacs. Even when I’m happy, they always make me happier.

22 There’s Nothing Quite like Writing

Well here we are, at twenty two. Remember when I said there’s a song for everything? Take a guess what song just popped into my head. In case you don’t have a clue, Taylor Swift’s “22”! =) Hey! That rimed and I didn’t even mean for it to! I guess for this one I’ll say, there’s nothing quite like writing. There’s something about putting your thoughts out on paper. Yes, the computer counts. I’m told I have a way with words, but I find I can say things better in writing before I do out loud sometimes.

23 Make Sure You Do a Life Check

I believe it’s important to look at who is around us and decide if they should stay or not.

24 Study People in Your Career

We can all learn from one another. Why not study other people who are good at what they do? You might learn a thing or two.

25 It’s Okay to Be Different

While it is important to learn from people, it is also okay to be your own person. We might have similar careers or interests, but we can’t all write the same story.

26 There’s Nothing like Good Descriptions

For me personally, I love when people take time to describe things to me. Colors, people, the moon, whatever it is. My good friend Chelsea used to include funny sounds to go along with whatever she was describing!

27 Quality over Quantity

I personally want a few good friends over twenty five thousand friends. You’ll learn in life friends come and go, but few stick around during all seasons of your life.

28 Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Just because this wasn’t at the top of my list doesn’t mean it isn’t important. People can say whatever they want, but I’ve learned to let their actions do the talking. Like my dad says, “I don’t care how cute he is, actions speak louder!” ❤

29 Take It From Dory and “Just Keep Swimming!”

How can you not love the Nemo movie? Yes, even blind people like movies. In college one of my good friend’s, Tori, used to tell me to keep swimming during all my rough school stuff. It’s so important that we keep going.

30 Take Time to Sip Your Tea

And here we are, finally at number thirty. We made it! I got into drinking tea a few years back thanks to my friend Catherine. I find some of our best conversations about life are over a cup of tea. Whether it’s over a cup of tea, at school, social events, or at work, take time to get to know people. Inclusion really does matter.


I hope you enjoyed my list of thirty things life has taught me so far. If you have any blogging suggestions for me, please send them my way. I’d love to hear them! =) Find me on Twitter at mirandaloakley and on Facebook at Miranda Oakley. If you find me on Facebook, I just ask that you send me a message telling me who you are and how you found me. You can also drop me a comment here on my website.


Miranda ❤

Funny Moments At Perkins

Happy Saturday!

I thought I would post about a few funny things that happened during my week at Perkins. They were much funnier in person than they are to read about here, but I figured I’d share.


Now that I’m not on campus, I think it is okay I share. As I mentioned in my post on the first day of testing the program, we were staying on a different part of campus than where I lived when I was a student there. We stayed in Bridgman cottage, named after Laura Bridgman. There were four girls and one guy. Whenever something would happen, whether it be we misplaced something or plans for the program fell through, (more about that in another post) my twin and I would say things like, “It’s Laura’s fault!” or “Laura did it!” Eventually everyone, including the teachers and staff, started blaming poor Laura but we all got a good laugh. If you want to learn about Laura Bridgman, you can read about her below.


If you know me, then you know vanilla is one of my all-time favorite scents. In case any of my followers like vanilla as much as I do, during the week I switched between Warm Vanilla Sugar Fine Fragrance Mist and another spray called Vanilla. We were hanging out one night and one of the girls (not sure if they care if I use their names yet) walks in and says, “Someone smells like vanilla,” so of course I told her it was me. Amber decided she’s going to call me Cupcake because I often smell like cake and always make her want to eat some.


Speaking of the two others in the program, they told me a funny blind moment story I thought I’d share. They were at Target one night and someone bought Watermelon. One of the girls told her friend that the person was buying a bowling ball. Her friend had to tell her it was actually Watermelon. This is way funnier hearing about it when it happened instead of reading about it here. Blindness has different degrees and some people can see a certain amount while others like myself cannot.


During lessons the teachers split us up and had us all work with someone we didn’t know. One morning when they were announcing who was with who and Amber realized we would not be together, she says, “Oh!” This again was way funnier in person. The surprise in her voice still makes me laugh thinking about it for this post. I didn’t mind working with other people because it was nice to get to know the other people on our team.


This was a quick post, but stay tuned because I plan to make more posts about each day of the program. Did you see my post about day one? If not, go ahead and check that out. I also plan to make another post about my final thoughts along with some photos.


Thanks so much for reading. Is there anything I should be blogging about that I’m not already discussing? Reach out. Find me on Twitter at mirandaloakley, leave me a comment here on my site, or find me on Facebook at Miranda Oakley. If you find me on Facebook, please send me a message telling me who you are and how you found me. Thanks!

Have a great weekend! For those of my followers in the states, stay cool during this muggy weather.


Miranda ❤


Test Drive 2 Day 1

Hello from Perkins!


For those who don’t know, this week I’m staying at Perkins School as an advisor for their Career Launch program. I’m taking part in test drive 2. Dad took a photo with me by the school building before he left. I was the first one to arrive on campus so I got to talk with some teachers. They told me they read a couple of my blogs so that was pretty neat. One let me see his guide dog! I’m rooming with my twin so that worked out.


Today was an orientation day. We were informed about the Career Launch program that will be launching in September. The first test drive tested week one of the program while this one tests week five. Career Launch teaches students tech skills among others. They learn about working in a call center and work an internship. Then after the two months, someone from the program helps work with the student and companies to help them find work. The person teaching mobility to everyone this week was working at the school when I was here so that was nice to see someone I knew. We talked about the school now and how different it is these days. Interesting when I hear teachers feeling the same way. I’ve told people here that it’s not something you quite understand unless you’ve gone here as a student or worked here before. After I was shown the cottage, I was shown how to use their kurig and electric kettle which was nice but after showing me the microwave, I’ll use that for tea. We were told that someone will take video and posed photos for their marketing for the program. I’m really impressed with Perkins upgrades. Our room has AC which I’m still shocked about because when I was a student here, the rooms didn’t have AC. We also have a wall fan which is new.


We each were shown a work station with a phone and a computer. It is a mock call station. Go figure, mine was the one where Jaws wasn’t always working! Everyone has been friendly, but I’m still learning windows 10 and Google Crome, so I’ll get a little lesson tomorrow. Since we are testing week five, we aren’t getting training on the technology like the students will in the actual program. By this point in the program, students would have had a few weeks of tech training. We learned how to use Google Drive and were given a Perkins email address to use for the week. We worked on opening different files like PDFS and Word documents. It was a little frustrating because I was a little behind in some of the tech, but I’m happy to be learning something new. I figured I’d take some notes here, but they told us beforehand we would use their technology and not our personal devices. Today we were asked to take notes using our technology so I’m not a fan of these last minute changes. It’s happened a lot lately. I’m not knocking the program but it does seem like things are just decided day by day rather than thought out. I’m sure it won’t be liked that I’m so open at this stage, but I’m honest. We were asked to share any negative feedback with them first before doing so in a blog, but I’ve already started sharing my thoughts with the team. We opened documents about Harry Potter, the Hobbit and Game of Throwns. I’m probably the only one who hasn’t seen that show.


After our little tech lesson, we did a team building activity. We had two teams and we had to pitch our ideas to someone like the Shark Tank show. We got to use objects like paper clips, Legos, and silly Putty to make our device. My team made a necklace that was a device with a button you could push to make it cold or push the other side and you’d have heat. We used Legos as buttons and putty to make the round part of the necklace. We marketed it to everyone. We said that it took 80 dollars to make but we sold it for 200 dollars and we gave ten percent to charity. The other team made an easy bake oven where Alexa cooked everything and nothing ever got burned. We mentioned that our product could be given to shelters, hospitals etc. to help people. We won the activity so that was cool. =) Amber and I talked to the overnight staff a bit who is really nice and blind so that’s cool. I mentioned that Perkins could consider hiring me to help plan for this program because lots of planning before we came was extremely last minute. Amber and I have had fun learning our way around here but it is similar to the cottages I stayed in. The side of campus I’m on is opposite than what I knew so that’s interesting. I think that’s about it for now. I’ll do my best to post again tomorrow. Questions? Reach out. Find me on Twitter at mirandaloakley, on Facebook at Miranda Oakley or leave me a comment on my website. If you find me on Facebook, please send me a message telling me how you found me and who you are. Thanks.


Miranda ❤


Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day! I figured since I have a blog now I would make a post reflecting on Father’s Day. Okay Holy Spirit, Whatever you’d like me to say in three, two, one…Go. I pray and hope what I write here doesn’t offend people. If you disagree with anything written here, that’s fine, but let’s all respect one another. I have to be honest and say for the longest time, to me, Father’s Day was one of those days that I didn’t give much thought. I grew up without a dad and learned how God has perfect reasons for everything. Don’t worry, I won’t go pushing religion on you, but that’s how I feel. Father’s Day was one of those days I always said to my mom and my aunt. ❤ Most of my life, my mom was Mom and Dad. That changed when I met who I call my other mom and dad. Clarence and his MWFL, Pam. By the way, I know they have a lot of “adopted” kids, so thanks for sharing them with me. In case you’re wondering, MWFL is what Dad says is, “My woman for life”. In a nutshell, conversations with Dad go something like this. “Dad, please fix my computer! Oh! So…Laurie said…Phillips changed my life because…Billy Gilman and Taylor Swift! And more Taylor Swift. You’re busy? Let me text you ten text messages.” I tell Dad everything.


Let me tell you about my dad. We met when I was a freshman in college. He’s good at basketball. He could have made it big, but the father of all father’s had bigger plans. Thank God! I mean, who else can I send long texts to? Dad loves old school music and always introduces me to so many artists because I love music. I always know when Dad pulls up because most of the time he’s blasting something. In fact, he’s one of those dads who tells me his kids always used to say, “Dad, turn your music down!”


He teaches me about Paul, Romans, Psalms, and when I talk to him about guys, he always reminds me that, “I don’t care how cute he is, actions speak louder than words.” We have great conversations that always provide me with a new perspective and scripture to relate to what I’m going through. One of my favorite things about him is that he’s not a traditionalist. We come from a very tradition based church. Dad always talks about what the Bible says and doesn’t get hung up on things that don’t matter. Like me, he is against foyerism. Want to know what that is? Reach out and let’s start a conversation.


As a writer, I wonder sometimes when to give information and when to let people do some homework and research themselves. I think having a balance of both approaches is good. Thoughts anyone? Dad taught me about one of his favorite Greek words, agape, which is a type of love that can really touch people. Even if you don’t know God but love people, learning about agape is a good thing. Love makes our world brighter. I’d love to explain agape, (my good friend Helene says she loves when I explain it to people) but I think I’ll see if anyone does some research. If you follow my blog, thanks! Look up agape and let’s have a discussion about it. I know many people who turn agape on and off like it is a light switch they use whenever they feel like it. Yes, even people at church. Now, if this bothers you, calm down. I’m not saying all church is bad. I’m not saying don’t go to church or you shouldn’t find one. There are great people at my church, but if I’m being honest, not many treat me quite like Dad and his WFL. Dad doesn’t know exactly what Jesus looks like, but he loves him and shares the good news with so many people. I find in life, with people, in school, at Rotary, at church, everywhere really, I always have to prove myself. But I never have to prove myself to the Holy Father and to my dad. So many times people wonder how I can help at church or any events elsewhere because of my blindness and to be frank, it gets really tiring. I’m thankful my God blessed me with a dad and his WFL who take me for who I am and don’t overcomplicate me. I wanted to focus on Father’s Day because even though his WFL is awesome too, it’s common for people with disabilities to have Dad walk out. Sometimes people have Dad and no Mom, but most cases it is the other way around. Why do you think that is? I guess it’s true what they say, a mother just knows. Sometimes, Dad’s do stick around though.


Dad is there to embarrass me with old interviews, (at my graduation party he decided to play this one from when I was seventeen, sounding really little on repeat. Thank God it’s been taken off the internet. He could have chosen another Perkins one I was proud of but no. I’ll forgive you.) He prays with me about many things. He and his WFL were there as I cried and prayed for a reader to come forward my last semester of college. He is there for everything. Dad’s agape for me covers the fact that sometimes when I’m mad enough, I can be a little or a lot mouthy. Thanks for not walking out on me, Dad. It is crazy to think about that tomorrow, he’ll take me to Perkins to test the Career Launch program. Life was so different for me when I was at Perkins and he wasn’t in it. To anyone who needs a father figure, I pray they come forward. Remember that no matter what, someone is always listening. Now, this post has been sappy enough. Back to me sending too many long texts!


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Have a great week!


Miranda ❤