In the Dark, My Thoughts On Episode 2

Since people are still talking about the show In the Dark, I thought I would make a post about my thoughts on the second episode. I think I might make posts sharing my thoughts on each episode.


I still need to set up description for my TV, but I still like the show. I’ll have you know I was multitasking during last week’s episode though. If you don’t know me and are new, welcome! It’s great to have you here. I am a huge Chris Young fan. You have to give him a listen if you haven’t already. He’s certainly not for everyone, but he has so many good songs I could never pick my favorite one. I even love the music he put out before he was signed. He has such a smooth voice. There’s nothing like a good, smooth, Chris Young track. He was playing the Grand Old Opry Thursday night, so I was listening to him sing (Thanks to the WSM App) and the show at the same time. Because of this, I paid little attention to what he was actually saying so I could watch the show and paid more attention to him singing. He was fantastic!


Moving onto the show, I am leaving what I liked best for last. I liked that they included highlights of the episode before. This is good for anyone who may have missed it or decided they’d watch the show and began watching it during the second episode. This also lets people know to stop freaking out because Murphy, the girl who is blind, doesn’t like feeling faces like the trailer makes you believe. I didn’t like how during the episode Murphy’s mom tells her she’s going to help them bring in donations the following day for the guide dog school Murphy’s parents work at. I didn’t like this. Anything I didn’t like though didn’t make me want to stop watching the show, or you know, boycott it. I didn’t like this part because this made it as though they were putting together a picture perfect package. Guide dog school, blind girl, donations. If Murphy was into the cause and fundraising for it, that’s different. Don’t use your daughter for picture perfect moments just to look good. We do see blind students or people with disabilities raising funds for causes, but the difference is in real life, people don’t mind. Let’s use Perkins School as an example. Perkins always had students sign forms to be used for publicity. When a friend and I signed forms for them, she and I used to joke that we had sold our souls to Perkins. The point is, nobody was forced into it from the beginning. There were a few times once you signed forms they were disrespectful, but this post isn’t all about poster children and respecting or disrespecting them. That’s for another time, another post. With all respect of course, Perkins is never going to use poster kids who don’t like being there to help bring in money for them. At least when I was there, they used a couple of us who had things to talk about. I always compared being a poster child to an internship or job. You were given great experiences but you also had a certain responsibility. You needed to do what you could do to make them look good and give people a reason to give to them. Sure, we had to talk about great things about Perkins, but we got good grades, played sports or participated in other activities we could speak about.


What I really didn’t like was when Murphy mentioned how she wouldn’t be judged for what she was wearing at the guide dog donation event because she’s blind. Girl! You are wrong about this one, okay! Everyone is judged on what they look like, blind or sighted. She also has a cane, so you better believe she or any blind person for that matter is being judged! I know part of why I was such a huge outcast in college was because of my white cane. That’s hard for people, but as blind people we all know this is true.


Next, let’s talk about how Murphy wants her best friend to look for guys for her to sleep with. Her best friend, Jess, tells Murphy what she’s doing with guys isn’t a good idea but still tells her where a guy is. Hello? What kind of a friend are you!? I did like though that when Murphy thinks she has a UTI she calls her doctor. She is also seen using her accessible technology again which is great. As blind people, no matter which side of this heated debate you’re on, we can all (or should at least) all agree that we’re glad the network did give her a brain. Thank God for that.


Everyone has their own definition of stupid. I personally believe Murphy could be a whole lot smarter with men, but if she was, they wouldn’t have a show. I think that it’s good to have blind people to relate to. I always wished I had more blind role models growing up, but believe me, I’m so thankful for Gloria. I think it’s great Chloe, the younger girl who is blind has Murphy. By the way, does anyone know if the girl playing Chloe is sighted? How come nobody freaked out over that but went crazy over who played Murphy? I’m not trying to start anything here because I know how this show made people have quite heated conversations. I’m really just curious. Hopefully Chloe grows up and learns to think for herself and be smart with men.


Lastly, I loved when they were showing Pretzel, they said how he is a canine actor and told viewers to go to

to learn about real guide dogs. Wonderful, wonderful job CW! This should at least let people know Pretzel isn’t acting like an actual guide dog because he’s not real! Everyone’s been freaking out over him, too. He’s not behaving right because he’s not a guide for a living. We should be thanking this show because it’s creating so many great conversations. Each debate turns into discussions about so many topics which is always a good thing. What are your thoughts on this second episode? Let’s talk! Find me on Facebook at Miranda Oakley, on Twitter at mirandaloakley or you can drop me a note right here on my website in the comments. Thanks for reading! In my next post, you’ll learn all about a blind girl buying a bed for the first time. What an experience that was!

My best to you all,

Miranda ❤

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