An Interview With Helene Vincent

Hi everyone,

My good friend made the news! As some of you might know, I’m a supporter of the Vincent for Boston campaign. Helene and I have been good friends since we were very young. This means I know firsthand, that even as a child, Helene was passionate about causes she believed in. That passion is what drives her to this day to run for Boston City Council in District 8. I support Helene because she supports inclusion of people of all abilities, high quality education, as well as complete streets. Complete streets means safety for pedestrians and having a separate lane for bikes, for example. Check out Helene’s interview with Chris Lovett from BNN below.

To learn and read about the campaign, go to the link below.

If you are in District 8, vote for Helene Vincent on September 24, get involved and please help spread the word!

Let’s make change happen. Together.


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